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  1. Unpack and round one

    Good catch.
  2. Unpack and round one

    I love the color. Nice setup.
  3. Better late then never lol

    Well I was the one who let KismetKamado know we owed you a certificate. I like the new certificates better so your delay got you a better certificate. I figured you would put some strange poisonous bug in with berries that would ruin my taste buds and make me a crappy cook forever - LOL. That would have been a fate worse than death.
  4. Better late then never lol

    Wait a minute....... I am a challenge administrator and that was actually my challenge idea. So all this time you were plotting a fate worse than death for me? .....do tell........ LOL
  5. Better late then never lol

    Fair assessment but realize it's not just Kamado Guru. I've felt the same way on this forum on more than one occasion. But I realized it was just one member not all the members as a collective body. So I just ignored those situations and carried on. If I didn't do that I would have quit posting on this forum a long time ago.
  6. Salt Block Cooking - A Gimmick? Maybe

    They were a bit salty. I think if I could reduce the time on the salt block they wouldn't be as salty. We'll try again.
  7. Salt Blocks seem to be a one trick pony. Walmart had one for $20 and I've always wanted to give it a try. I figured it's one trick would be scallops. I had a few scallops and a few extra large shrimp in the freezer so last night was test night. I slowly heat soaked the salt block to 500*. Seasoned the scallops and shrimp with purple crack and lemon mrytle. Scallops got 3 minutes per side. The on grill picture is a bit of a mess but that's 4 large scallops and 6 extra large shrimp. The scallops had a nice sear. The texture was spot on at md rare. They were a touch salty so next time I'll go 600* and 2 minutes per side. Seems a bit of a gimmick but a reasonable way to cook scallops and they get seasoned automatically by the salt block. This morning 10 hours later the salt block is still warm to the touch. Once heat soaked I do think you could pull the salt block off the grill and table side cook the scallops if you were looking to wow some guests.
  8. Baked Stuffed Schrimp

    For me stuffed shrimp has always meant super large shrimp butterflied open with a dollop of crab stuffing on top. Will have to give what you did a try sometime.
  9. Great looking salad. I knew you couldn't resist a salad challenge - LOL
  10. Salad!!!!!

    It use to be all about winning for me. I've even won one challenge just by picking a combination I knew everyone would vote for (ribs wrapped in pig candy). Now, although I would like to win, I cook something new, unique, pushes my cooking abilities or teaches me a new technique. I do try and put forth my very best. The challenges are a bit more satisfying now that I'm not worrying about winning.
  11. Baked Stuffed Schrimp

    Definitely not your typical stuffed shrimp. Great cook all around.
  12. TY Bruce the spring rolls were definitely the star of the show.
  13. Salad!!!!!

    We'll keep our eyes out for this one.
  14. Chicken Roll Up

    Nice cook.
  15. Lump charcoal

    It's definitely easier just not as fun as smoking the neighborhood out - LOL