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  1. Great color choice but I'm a little biased as I have 2 Terra Blue KK's. If it was me I'd go all coffee lump until the pallet was full. Coffee lump is the bomb.
  2. Great looking bread and pizzas. I don't currently have a pc (it died a while ago). So I'm always checking on my phone. I do use a tablet for editing my pictures. Just easier on a bigger device and the brightness is probably closer to what someone would see if they viewed it on a pc.
  3. Oh damn @tony b now I need to make one of those baskets.
  4. I'm still laughing about the family missing out. No worries if I go and visit any family I'll take a jar and give them a taste. I only have 1 of 3 siblings that appreciate it for what it's worth anyway and that's the sibling I'll visit. Last time I sent her a jar of Grilled Peach Reef Jam she made some high end, homemade, crab Rangoons and used it as a dip. She loved it and I though it was a great use.
  5. TY @dstr8 a few batches every summer just enough tide me over until next summer. I usually make enough to give some to family members. This year I gave some to a couple of friends. Screw the family - LOL Next summer you should make a batch or two.
  6. Now you've gone and done it. I like strange (non American) twists on food. We're waiting........ LOL
  7. I don't want to move there but definitely close enough to drive for some lump. Without the shipping cost I could probably afford some coffee lump.
  8. I have that movie in my TV cabinet. That and the Iron Giant are two of my favorite kids movies.
  9. Tasty looking breakfast.
  10. I think it was Tony that coined the phrase "Purple Crack". It fits perfectly.
  11. Yea I should have put some in the filling. Bad addict! - LOL
  12. Beautiful setup for sure, I'm jealous. But I had to laugh - what are you doing? Collecting KK's? LOL
  13. Nice looking dinner plate.
  14. Looks like you're off to a great start.
  15. TY MacKenzie. I'm going to make a whole box of stuffed Rigatoni. Half sausage/Ricotta and half spinach/Ricotta. Then I'm going to freeze them for quick weeknight meals.