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  1. Chicken is a good choice. Really hard to screw up chicken on a KK unless you under cook it. Search out my to kill a chicken thread. I tried really hard to dry out a rotisserie chicken in my 19" KK. I never did dry one out and that was with some fairly high temps and relatively long cook times.
  2. Good link. Lemon Myrtle tea - not a bad idea. Sounds tasty to go along with a Yakatori meal.
  3. I was pretty happy with the way this picture turned out. Ever since I got the new camera I've become a lot more critical of my own pictures.
  4. Very simple preparation. Wet them down with white balsamic vinegar and sprinkle on the Lemon Myrtle. Let them sit for 20 minutes or so. Towards the end of the cook I basted with butter. I did sort of cheat with this cook giving them a few seconds in the broiler just before serving. Gave a better look to the top but didn't really do anything for the cook. With salmon I normally trim off the thin edge so I have a more uniform thickness. It cooks more evenly that way. I'll save up a bunch of thin edges and cook them another night. I didn't do that this time but I should have. I thought the filets came out a little dry but Mrs skreef and Hawke did not think so.
  5. I knew Lemon Myrtle Flakes would be awesome on fish. Served with a broccoli risotto. For the last 3 or 4 risotto cooks I didn't use any saffron because my family isn't really fond of it. I informed them tonight that the next risotto would be a saffron risotto - why? - because I love saffron and it's my turn.
  6. I don't know, I don't pay that much attention. Haven't found a chicken yet that wouldn't fit. 3 Cornish hens fit easily and you could probably squeeze 4 in there
  7. The Bush Spices was awesome for rotisserie chicken. Super crispy skin. After everyone got some chicken I took the rest of the skin off and scarfed it up. No plated shot.
  8. Those skewers was so good I'd definitely do them again. Next time I'm buying twice as much asparagus. I used a drill with a hole saw once to cut a plug out of a pineapple for a Guru challenge. BBQing and power tools combined makes you fell like a real man - LOL
  9. Nice looking meal and really awesome looking cheese cake.
  10. Hurry back we're dying to see it.
  11. Fine looking pizzas. The flavor combination looks awesome. I was telling Mrs skreef last night that it was coming up on pizza time although I think we're going to do a deep dish next.
  12. A Yakatori grill by Fire Sense. It's a small cheapie one. Working on something a bit nicer. I'll let you know if I get anywhere with that idea.
  13. I appreciate you posting that video. A little bit of a pain predrilling the holes but a fantastic skewer just the same. Mushroom and bacon would need the bacon precooked until almost done before making the skewers but I should have guessed/known that.
  14. Let's just say user error. Not even sure I have the pictures anymore. The area between the firebox and dome probability got up in the 1200* range and that area so high up should never experience those temperatures. My 16" is over two years I think. No problems. Really you shouldn't have to worry about anything.
  15. I did this cook a few days ago. 4 bones from my Christmas ribeye primal. Dry aged for 28 days. 6 steaks a little over 1 1/4" thick and a good bowl of scraps for steak and cheese sandwiches or stirfry. It was getting late, lighting sucked, crappy pictures but you get the idea. Turkish aromatic rice. Steak and asparagus tips. Mushrooms and bacon. Pineapple. Yup if you want to get asparagus tips on a skewer you have to break out the power tools and pre drill the holes. Prep just isn't as fun without using power tools - LOL. 3 people, nine skewers and 18" Yakatori grill is a bit over crowded. @DennisLinkletter this picture is for you. This was a Publix GreenWise choice ribeye primal. Grass fead, black Angus. Cost me $2 per lb more than their regular choice ribeye primal but this was the best tasting most tender dry aged ribeyes I've done yet. Definitely worth the extra $2 per lb. The steak and asparagus tips was awesome. Mushrooms and bacon not so much.