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  1. Great looking pictures.
  2. I thought the first two were white sterile looking crap. The square footage of the first one was getting close to tiny house status. That's more like the square footage of a one bedroom house. If someone had the money to buy the 3rd one I'm sure they could find something nicer unless the space plan was just what you were looking for but the view was awesome.
  3. Really great looking pizzas. Glad you liked the dough. It's our favorite thin crust. Can't really take the credit. It's a King Arthur recipe, I just did the tutorial to make it easier for people to follow along.
  4. He did do a really good job. I am officially his first customer. So far he has 100% five star rating - LOL
  5. Basically yes. He's perfecting his method, and his quality is going up with every run he makes. CKTG has placed an initial order with him. I talk to Ben daily about handles. I know he's got some kewl ideas in the pipeline and I can't wait to see them. As for the question I asked - that was meant for myself as to what knife to get next. I'm not done yet with this adventure. Whatever it is it will have a custom handle. Working with Ben on new ideas.
  6. Ben did an excellent job with these. The question is - what's up next?
  7. Ben, a friend from the Guru (Mewantkj on Kamado Guru) started making custom knife handles. In his original thread I joked about him making handles for my old crappy knives. Well one thing led to another, the idea expanded and the Bistro now has 2 new Japanese knives with custom handles. This first knife was part of the handle deal. I actually bought 2 of these and gave Ben one for his personal collection. Tojiro Shirogami Yanagi 270 mm (10.5") White #2 core, softer iron outer layer. Right handed single bevel. Custom handle: Ferrule/end cap - Wenge Stripes - Mapple Body - Red Palm This second knife was a surprise knife for Mrs skreef. I wanted to get her something special for being such a good sport about this whole knife adventure. She knew she was getting a knife and picked out the wood for her custom handle, she just didn't know exactly what knife it was. Shiro Kamo R-2 (same as SG2) Gyuto 180 mm (7"). R-2 core. Damascus layered stainless in a matte finish. Custom handle: Ferrule/end cap - Wenge Stripes - Mapple Body - Cocobola Fantastic additions to the knife board. Ben did an awesome job with the custom handles, it really makes the knives pop. He has lots of different woods to choose from. I actually have two more handles that I will post once I have them mounted to a knife. One of them is going on a old crappy knife to give it new life.
  8. Can't wait to see how it works out for you. A lot of people have used that tutorial with great results.
  9. The most complete unboxing pictures to date. Great looking KK. I did a wooden deck reinforcement similar to yours. No worries you'll be good to go.
  10. Can't wait to see it. The before and after pictures should be stunning.
  11. Glad to see you back. Was worried about you.
  12. Never heard of them before.
  13. Gives a whole new meaning to gold panning.
  14. Not sure I would have admitted that - LOL
  15. Zatarains makes a lot of different seafood spices and flavored rice. Mostly with a Cajun taste. This is the version Mrs skreef used. I'll put a couple different versions in the next package heading your way.