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  1. ckreef

    Cleaning the Grates

    I have a shallow plastic pan of sorts that'll hold my 19" main grate flat. I just need to buy some brewers wash (?)
  2. ckreef


    Really great post. This is just a beginning thought in our brain. We've done a little looking on the internet but figured later this summer (after vacation) we would start more serious research into this idea. If you could start a new thread when you post a few pictures I would appreciate it.
  3. ckreef


    We both think it would be totally awesome making our own ceramic cookware.
  4. ckreef


    @KismetKamado why are you confused by my post? Yea a bit off topic but custom made ceramic dishes would be the bomb. Home kilns are only marginally expensive. Compared to all the high end outdoor cooking appliances I have a home kiln and everything needed to make custom ceramic would not be that expensive.
  5. ckreef


    @Syzygies I would love to see some pictures of your clay cookware. Me and Mrs skreef have recently contemplated buying a home kiln so we can fire our own custom sized cookware.
  6. ckreef

    New 19 Hi-Cap Table Top in NC

    That is a beautiful setup, I love it. The KJ looks a little sad in the background although I'm sure it served you well in the past. Can't wait to see some cooks. BTW he did an excellent job on the cutout.
  7. ckreef

    Secret Weapon for Bread

    Great trick. Bread looks awesome.
  8. ckreef

    Nothing but WFO money!

    That's my son's pie. I'm not a fan of anchovies.
  9. I hope so too because I know they spent a bunch of money on this adventure. They even have irrigation running through it. Plus the daughter said behind one of the tree lines is another LG field of bushes that I haven't seen yet.
  10. ckreef

    Nothing but WFO money!

    It is a Blueberry pie. It was a bit of a failure. Anything with a bottom crust doesn't work well in a WFO. The problem is as soon as you put something like that in a WFO the deck directly under the pie dish starts to cool down. The end result is the bottom crust doesn't properly cook. Lasagna, meat pies, things like that work well with no worry about burning the bottom. Fruit pies not so well. I'm learning.
  11. ckreef

    Nothing but WFO money!

    I guess Sunday lunch is becoming pizza time. Slowly getting better each week. Also learning what works good with residual heat and what doesn't.
  12. I finally learned the story about an upcoming local (5 miles from the house) Blueberry farm.  A few years ago an older couple planted about 100 Blueberry bushes. After the first year the husband's health took a turn for the worst and weeds took over killing about 1/3 of the small bushes. For the next couple of years the remaining bushes did okay but there was always a weed problem. Finally I drove by there yesterday and their daughter was out picking berries. She said they wanted to clean it up and start up a U-pick next year. Since there are so many weeds this year anybody can come by and pick as many berries as they want for free. We went back yesterday afternoon and picked a whole bunch of berries. That is a really big bowl and has 18 cups of Blueberries in it. We're going to be canning a bunch different Blueberry things this year
  13. ckreef

    100 pound whole hog on 32

    Awesome looking whole hog. Really great cook.
  14. ckreef

    Bruce's Birthday Bash

    Happy Birthday Bruce.
  15. Nope this ain't my cook. Guru is have a pizza challenge and this is one of the entries. I thought it was so unique you all would want to see it.