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  1. Pizza looks good. A great first attempt. But 15 minutes for a normal thinner crust is 2-3 times too long. I basically agree with @tony b upper rack and way more heat soak time. I would go as long as 2 hours. Just crank the KK up when you get home and let it ride for a long while. My guess is that stone was nowhere near 500* otherwise the bottom would be half burnt at 15 minutes especially if the dough had any sugar or oil in it which I'm sure it did if it was store bought.
  2. That's Australia's version of lemon pepper. Lemon Myrtle tastes surprisingly just like lemons. That pepper crack mix sounds just like what I'm looking for.
  3. Can't wait to see the results.
  4. I'm feverishly checking the mailbox every day.
  5. It will when you kick it to the curb.
  6. Great looking chops. Looking at the plated shot I thought it was an @Aussie Orapost.
  7. Very kewl. As for the Guru that can be a fickle group. Usually posts I think everyone will like dies a quick death and my boring posts takes on a life of their own. If you would have had pulled pork in the pizza they would still be talking about it.
  8. That's exactly what I was thinking. A sad day for USPS for sure.
  9. Totally agree good news. By the speed of which your package was moving through the states I was expecting a delivery to you sometime this week. Let's hope some divers recovered it from the Bermuda Triangle and sent it on its way - LOL
  10. Yay we're getting somewhere. My pepper berries have now been seen in New York. Shouldn't be long now.
  11. That makes sense although I don't really get it. I suppose I'm not his intended audience and their are plenty of people doing pizzas in ovens that would like a Neapolitan pie. As for a jump started Sourdough starter - I plan on trying it this Wednesday. Wednesday, Thursday, Friday to grow the starter. Saturday to start the KA Artisan process. Worst case it's a fail and hits the circular file Sunday night. Won't be the first time. I'll make sure I have leftovers in the fridge - just in case - LOL
  12. Nice score.
  13. OK, OK, you win - LOL. I'm getting close but you have me beat.
  14. Just KA all purpose. For an extended preferment I was thinking about feeding it every 24 hours for 3 days before using. I generally don't like refrigerator rising. The flavor really comes out but unless you have the time to really come to room temp (4-6 hours) it doesn't stretch as nice. I really don't like using a rolling pin and hand stretching requires the dough at its peak.
  15. I'll be a dissenter here - NO Other than Cracker crust I've never par baked a pizza crust - seems almost cheating (although I might try it next time with a 20+ topping pan pizza). If the dough is right, stretched properly and cooked at the right temperature you shouldn't need to par bake the crust. Rather than par baking go back to the drawing board on the dough and method. These slices were crispy enough to stand out on there own without drooping, no par baking required.