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  1. I really like the grill mates marinades. I use them all the time. Love your coozie.
  2. Surprise Brunch Road Trip

    Every once in a while the local Piggly Wiggly has chicken feet. Makes me want to buy some and go for crispy chicken feet drizzled with BBQ sauce - LOL
  3. Surprise Brunch Road Trip

    Nobody around me does it either. I had to drive 2 hours one way for this adventure but so worth it. They didn't sent the chicken feet around or I would have grabbed a plate. I've eaten them once before. My son might have been game but I doubt Mrs skreef would have.
  4. Surprise Brunch Road Trip

    It was a fun adventure.
  5. Decided to grab my son from college and take him and Mrs skreef on a surprise Brunch Road Trip. Drove up to Atlanta for Chinese Dim Sum. Even in the parking lot they still didn't know what we were going for. I just told them, "Keep an open mind and don't ask questions, you might not want to know the answer!" - LOL Back in my early 20's me and my friends use to do Dim Sum a couple of times a month. Mrs skreef and Hawke never had Dim Sum before so I thought it would be an interesting adventure for them. Went to the Oriental Pearl restaurant. The Dim Sum was good. Mrs skreef and Hawke got to try a bunch of different dishes. A good time was had by all and we left stuffed. If you've never eaten a true Dim Sum brunch search one out. It's a fun way to explore the different side of Chinese food.
  6. A KK Loaded Pizza

    Looks delicious. I'm a fan of a good "junk" pie every now and then.
  7. My first pizza

    You did a really great job for 1st pizzas. I wouldn't beat yourself up over those. I wouldn't even want to think back at what my first pizzas looked like years ago - eeeekkk.....
  8. outback spirit inspired pulled pork

    That looks seriously tasty.
  9. TY for the blue mobile skin. Much easier on the eyes for a small format screen.
  10. I believe this is what they did on the Guru forum. There are 3 or 4 mobile skins to choose from.
  11. TY tony - no parent should ever loose a child. This is especially difficult for Susan as she lost her 16 year old son about 12 years ago in a "hunting accident". Now both her children have been taken from her in senseless acts. It's hard to know what to say as nobody could even come close to imagining this unless they went through it.
  12. TY everyone for your kind words and prayers. It means a lot to me and Susan.
  13. Yesterday afternoon in a senseless act a stranger took the life of Mrs skreef's daughter. Her daughter Macy was sitting in a Taco Bell with some friends when a car came crashing through the wall killing her and wounding 4 others. The 18 year old driver is being charged with felony murder along with other crimes. Please keep Susan in your prayers during this trying time. The link and video tells the story. http://m.wtoc.com/wtoc/db_350145/contentdetail.htm?contentguid=QuASZZfo
  14. Bacon wrapped, stuffed pork tenderloin

    Looks tasty.
  15. I was thinking @bosco's apple roses would have been appropriate for a flower blooming party.