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  1. 9 pork shoulders on a 32

    12 hours @ 250°
  2. 9 pork shoulders on a 32

    Oh yeah! They are wonderful neighbors and I was happy to be able to help them out. Her event was a success and the pulled pork we produced was a favorite.
  3. 9 pork shoulders on a 32

    My neighbor is a chef and has a catering business. She had to make 30lbs of pulled pork for an event. So we loaded up the KK with 9 pork shoulders and smoked them with cherry wood.
  4. Cherry Chops

  5. I watched the first episode of the new season of Project Smoke last evening. It featured a KK and Steven Raichlen cooked two 4-finger thick New York strip steaks, reversed seared. Then finished them off with an Adam Perry Lang "cutting board dressing technique" It looked delicious, I intend to give this a try. Here is a link to the recipe: http://www.projectsmoke.org/episodes/seasonthree/
  6. Good luck Dennis.
  7. Pork Tenderloin on OctoForks

    Looks really good MacKenzie.
  8. I would say this is a nice comment from Bobby Brennon.
  9. 19" Table Top Colorful Growth

    Hmm, penicillin.
  10. Just Another Roti Turkey

    That's one tasty looking turkey.
  11. Croation/Slovenian Sausage

    This sausage is not spicy hot, but has lots of garlic.
  12. Steven Raichlen 16" TT Give-Away

    Good deal Dennis, this will drive traffic your way and result in additional sales.
  13. First Snow

    I was born and raised in north central PA, about 90 miles southeast of Buffalo NY, Chicago gets comparatively little snow compared to that area. I can however see how people do not miss the snow and cold.
  14. Decided to make a traditional Croatian smoked sausage "Krainerwurst". My wife is Croatian I am not, but this is good stuff. It's traditional to make around any religious holiday.