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Vermicular Cast Iron Induction Cooker

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We have one of these. My wife swears by it. My contributions to food for our family/parties are almost 100% grill & helping hand (slicing & dicing). She's the cook, and she's very, very good at it. This device is one of her favorite tools -- it's perfect for her style of cooking, which seems similar to those in this thread. We've been remodeling our kitchen for a while now, and this device was her go to (our new kitchen has an aga, so, same sort of thing -- low & slow simmers). 

Having said that, no small part of the value here are the refined aesthetics. 


This just arrived yesterday, the sand coloured Vermicular Musui Kamado. Not available in Canada so I had to import it from the USA.

That's the one we have. It's purty. My wife reminds me that you don't want to let standing water stand on the unfinished edges. You're probably already aware of this, if not lmk and I'll ask her what that's about. 

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46 minutes ago, oakland said:

That's the one we have. It's purty. My wife reminds me that you don't want to let standing water stand on the unfinished edges. You're probably already aware of this, if not lmk and I'll ask her what that's about. 

She's correct and so far I have made sure those iron edges are dry because you know what Iron does when it's wet. LOL


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3 hours ago, oakland said:

My wife reminds me that you don't want to let standing water stand on the unfinished edges.

Cosmetic! If you're cooking anything that could boil over, stay in the kitchen and don't let it happen.

For example, don't let beans boil over and make a mess everywhere, just because you're worried about Phytohaemagglutinin. You're supposed to be in a Zoom meeting? Not a good excuse. Actually, a great excuse, but it won't affect the outcome.

What you don't want to do is get liquid through the outer side vents into the electronics, while it's plugged in. This could trip your house circuit breaker, and kill the Kamado's power supply.

There isn't a warranty seal on the Phillips head screws holding the base together. The base comes off easily. The electronics inside are very solidly built, with several submodules that Vermicular could easily swap out for an easy repair. There's no circuit breaker or fuse visible inside the unit. The coin lithium battery looks to be more easily changed than the battery in a Zojirushi rice cooker.

At this price, one can imagine that if someone was this incredibly, inexcusably, "can't even fog a mirror" stupid, they'd find that Vermicular has exceptional customer service.

This is all hypothetical, of course. I have an active imagination. I just wanted to take a look inside. However, I think I'll hold back on posting for a week or two, to let Mac have her day.

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Put a blade roast on the KK to smoke for a few hours.


When the IT reached 150F I took it off the KK.



Put the roast on a bed of onions.




Earlier did some carrots, just washed, cut and put them in the Vermicular to cook.


It's nearly at pull stage but I need dinner so took a piece of the side and let the rest continue to cook. Plated dinner. The meat had the most wonderful flavour. I could have eaten a lot more. :)


Tomorrow I should be able to do something nice with all that juice in the Musui. :)


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I made Japanese Curry Chicken today, actually had to start it yesterday. Made the Garam Marsala and the Curry Roux yesterday. Today it was just a case of cutting up some veggie, diced onions, sliced onion, celery, carrot, tomatoes, a bay leaf and chicken thighs. Layer them all in the Musui and cook for 60 mins. Nothing else added, no water no liquid of any sort. When the hour was up add the Curry Roux and let things sit for 10 mins with the lid no but no heat added.





Plated with white rice.



It was delicious, fortunately I had only made 65g of the curry roux, (ran out of ingredients) the recipe called for 100g but this was plenty hot enough for me with the 65g.

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Hi LYNN, I am so jealous, I have been wanting one of these for over 2 years now. I saw it first in Tokyo in an department store. Fell in love with it straight away.

The reason that I can't buy one in Australia, is because it has to be 220v.  I am looking at you're photos instead. I have been in touch with the company, they say they are working on a 220v. (drawing board)

if and when is a waiting game. Still following you and enjoy your cooking. Hope you are well. Frans


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I've done soft boiled eggs, hard boiled eggs and now poached eggs in the vermicular, all three were the most delicate egg whites I've ever had. Here's the poached one today. 30 mins @156F. Burlap & Barrel Silk Chili and Zanzibar Black Pepper sprinkled on top.

I goofed today when I double checked my temp. setting it was only 153F. Stay tuned because tomorrow the egg will be paoched at 156F.  I think one could just do it the same way in sous vide, get the water to temp. then just set the egg in the water. I put it in the ramekin after it was cooked.


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I found out why the temperature confusing. On the web site it says 153 one place and 156 in another. The cookbook says 153F so for regular or small eggs that is what I'll use and for my largest eggs it will be 156F. My free range eggs are not graded, just put in the box. :) I get them from a friend.



They have a smooth as silk mouth feel. :)

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