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Vermicular Cast Iron Induction Cooker

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1 hour ago, tekobo said:

Keeping my feet dry on this one, no  thanks to @MacKenzie!  The KK shopping channel still works on me but my current interest is @jeffshoaf's Ninja combo grill and air fryer.  Another few months of resistance and I will feel I deserve it when I finally get my hands on one.  

Step up and get both like I did! I've had the Vermicular for a while now. It's my go-to for sauces and some veggies.

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E7F561C4-BEF3-4118-8984-BD4DD010B2D2.thumb.jpeg.b5dea53e0fa394b3ed4bd9dd583c531e.jpegHello everybody it’s been a long time! I bought the vermecular komado and made some minestrone soup in it using no water and it came out really good, also makes the best rice I’ve ever had! In the book it says cut the veggies into 1/4 in. Pieces for the minestrone soup but I cut mine into 1/2 in. And low and behold it does make its own liquid veggie soup. You can also steam fry veggies in it.

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Just a short add on about the vermicular cooker. “Instant“makes one similar to the vermicular but I don’t think the lid fits as tightly as the vermicular. It’s also not as expensive. 
I wanted a bigger pot for the vermicular but when I called them about a larger pot they never got back to me. I think I found one that would work but they are pretty expensive and didn’t want to buy it unless I knew for sure that it would work with the electric kamado. Anyway I hope everybody here is happy and healthy and having a great day!



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12 hours ago, David Chang said:

they have a huge flagship store in daikayama

its sells not only the machines, but cookware, has a cafe, bookstore, restaurant, classroom, cafe..

That sounds and looks like heaven - for some people!  I'm sitting at the edge of this rabbit hole, tail twitching but not diving in!!!

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