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Vermicular Cast Iron Induction Cooker

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I looked at these months back and was intrigued, but i misinterpreted the pricing - thought  the price for the kamodo didn't include the pot, putting the price for both over $1000. After reading through this thread, i realized my mistake and checked it out again. Mine was delivered on December 4th.

 I'm happy with it so far, but haven't had much luck finding a forum to share ideas and techniques for using it but did find a Facebook group - it's not very active with just 2 members before i joined. If you do the Facebook thing and wanna share, please join: https://www.facebook.com/groups/715840642295686


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So 106 F here, second day in a row, and a spare the air day also. Our usual way to cook salmon is to brine it, then smoke it in the KK in a cazuela over a bed of basil. Too hot outside...

We're finding more uses for the "indoor K" Musui Kamado. I bought their white Dutch oven so Laurie could see ghee cook.

So why didn't I realize before today it's a perfect "court bouillon" cooker for fish?

Court bouillon is such a classic French technique that it has fallen from favor. I don't know why. Using the Thermapen, and aiming for 125 F internal temperature in a bath held at 200 F, this was spectacular.

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The Musui Kamado (Laurie calls it the "indoor K") is perfect for making ghee. Throw in the butter, set on extra low, leave unattended half an hour or more.

The new jar is Marcus Samuelsson's Ethiopian spiced butter, a version made by his wife Maya’s tribe, the Gurage. Ghee with aliums and spices. Incredible aroma. I'm reminded of a fish cookbook from decades ago (I've been unable to identify since) where a Portuguese chef is baffled he has to instruct his staff to put the paprika in fat not water, the best parts of spices are fat soluble.

Tonight's recipe also calls for a bit of Madras curry powder. We don't buy curry powder, like Indians we make a custom blend per recipe. I'm looking up what this is. Samuelsson's single best recipe could be his Berbere Spice Blend featured for example in his Black-Eyed Peas with Coconut Milk and Berbere; it's better than bought berbere from upscale sources. So of course we want to make Madras curry powder from scratch. It calls for curry leaves I happen to have just bought...

Huh. Curry leaves have an amazing flavor, usually unlocked by tempering in oil, somewhat lost if dried for a spice blend. Huh. The Marcus ghee comes back to me. I should make a Madras curry powder ghee, with generous curry leaves. Huh. I should make a custom ghee for rogan josh, and use sous vide to cook a lamb shank confit.

I identify with Samuelsson's trajectory and existential culinary questions. I've been listening to his Yes, Chef: A Memoir that he narrates. I love international food from everywhere, but French technique reaches greater heights than just checking off spice boxes. And whatever I do, my Indian tastes muddy, but my best French gets boring. Samuelsson left his Swedish restaurant to open Red Rooster Harlem, where he applies all of his classic training to world and soul food. I'm reminded of Alex Stupak's Tacos: Recipes and Provocations: A Cookbook where he applies his classic training to tacos.

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I just did my first batch of local corn in the Vermicular this evening. The corn was 3 days old so I didn't hold out much hope for it and thought I'd better bring out the big guns to try and rescue it. 2T of water in the Vermicular and 25 mins. at low and we have this.-

Finished steaming.


Where the corn caramelized where it touched the bottom of the casserole and it added an extra nice flavour.


Dressed with, ghee, salt and pepper. I was amazed at the flavour, it was truly wonderful, no hint of it's age.


The end.




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I had a Zojirushi induction cooker NS-ZCC10 for 7 years and looked forward to new inductive heating in this model (one tier higher than my old rice cooker). I have seen here the pros and cons of more induction cookers. There is something not perfect I think, which I want to say needs to improve. First of all, Inductive heating and additional membrane make cooking a bit louder than the old version. Not terribly loud, but comparing to the old model (non-inductive) it is certainly louder. Another annoying part is a hissing sound that happens every minute or so during the keep-warm stage. The cooking pan does not have handles and rotates when you try to scoop rice. The old model had plastic handles, which both - allowed you to hold/lift it with your bare hands and at the same time prevented the pan from spinning when taking the rice out. It is very surprising to see a newer and more expensive model get worse in this regard. The old model had a cable retractor; the new model does not have it. For now, I will continue with the old one.


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I own one in each kitchen. It's pretty simple: We cook anything in it that makes sense to cook in an enameled cast iron Dutch Oven, and where feedback (constant temperature rather than constant energy flow) makes sense.

Once one gets the point of an autopilot in the kitchen, it's hard to romanticize fiddling by hand inside. I'd much rather fiddle by hand outside. It's called fire.

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I’m very excited to receive my Indoor “K” as Syz calls it. I think the sale pushed me to make my purchasing decision…..along with the post by Syz on making Court Bouillon. It’s funny as I have been making Emeril’s version of Court Bouillon for years which after some research (prompted by Syz) i figured out Emeril’s is a Cajun / creole version of this classic French dish. I’m pumped to do a salmon in the classic version.

It’s funny that I started this thread and it’s taken me 3 years to make the purchase. I’m glad that some of you have jumped in and are sharing pictures and information on your cooks. In any event I look forward to the experimentation with this Slow Cooker on Steroids!


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