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Reusable sous vide bags

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Hi guys!

I like reusable stuff and ordered reusable sous vide bags from SousVideArt https://www.amazon.com/Reusable-Vacuum-Storage-Sizes-Premium/dp/B0792GZLKD. The first few bags I used (for sous vide) were okay, so initially, I was really happy. Since then the bags have become unsealed (new ones) in both the sous vide bath and the freezer. I've sealed a bag and sucked the air out only to find a few minutes later, having not even put it in the water yet or into the freezer, that the seal has leaked and it's full of air. I've had meat juice get into the plunger. I was really excited about having a reusable bag instead of wasting plastic, but these just aren't it.

Do you use reusable ones? Which brand is the best? I've found SousVideArt in this review https://wisepick.org/best-sous-vide-bags/, but I'm not sure I can trust it again. Please, give me your suggestions! I'd appreciate all your thoughts and opinions.

P.S. I love sous vide and hunting, so here some pics (especially for those who asked me to share them :))



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Sorry, no help on reusable sous vide bags. I generally use just regular zip-top bags for sous vide and toss them when done. I wouldn't trust them to hold up for a 2nd use. 

I do use these for my bulk spice purchases and they seem to hold up pretty well.


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Humgat I don’t re use plastic with food and have had the occasional leak even with traditional vac sealed rolls.
Now I double seal each end and don’t have that problem.
I have friends who use the clip lock bags pegged to the side of the sous vide tub so it is not totally submerged, however, this is not a great solution for fridge/ freezing.
With large amounts of meat( post hunt), I have added different spices, then vac sealed, then frozen, then sous vide months later and it turned out fine. Never garlic bagged in sous vide. It’s toxic.

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We have a ridiculous number of plastic vacuum bags because they are very cheap to buy in industrial quantities.  I use them to store food for longer in the fridge or to pack spices or nuts.  I assuage my guilt about plastic by putting the food into oversize bags and vacuum sealing.  Each time I take some out of the bag, I cut the top off, take what I need and then reseal along a new cut line.  Believe it or not, it helps to keep carrots fresh and non-wangy for ages.  

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