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Stuffed Pork Loin

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I mostly watch the forum and marvel at the wonderful things that come off the KKs of the experts, but this turned out really well. It is Meathead Goldwyn's stuffed pork loin, with some minor spice variations because his onion and spice level is a bit heavy for my taste. The pork loin came from Costco. I cut it in two pieces, sliced it out into a sheet, prepared the stuffing and rolled it into the pork loin, then cooked at 225. It took about three hours. It looks and tastes great, a bit of ham flavor that went great with the stuffing. It also makes enough to feed an army, or a large family, so it is great for gatherings. Next time I will try to slice it thinner so it is more of a roll. I got no complaints.





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Is that your balloon Randy or is it a wishful thought? Only ask because I was in the industry producing fabric that had that end result. That idea crossed my mind once, however thoughts are closer to ground now.

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Yep, Tyrus, that is our balloon and I am the pilot. We got the balloon in 2002 and have been flying since - slowed down since my four girls who were my crew went and grew up, went to college, even got married!  (What's up with that?) That profile picture was taken by the event photographer at the Albuquerque International Balloon Festival in 2008. We thought that was pretty good - a picture of our balloon by itself four inches off the Rio Grande, with 500+ balloons in the area but none in sight. I did touch the surface of the water for a nice Splash n Dash. That picture was actually used as the icon to open the photo gallery on the event website that year.

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8 hours ago, RandyS said:

(What's up with that?)

It happened so fast I'm still trying to figure it out too. Well Captain Randy it's a beautiful ship, just keep it below 35,000, I heard the traffic up there is terrible.  

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