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vacuum sealers

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2 hours ago, Sharky said:

Just to clarify my earlier post - when sealing liquid stock I go down to about 0.8 bar pressure (or 0.2 bar of vacuum) just to ensure a good “squeeze “ on the sealing strip without boiling the liquid. 

That's good advice for using a chamber machine to package liquids.

I have both a chamber machine and an impulse sealer, and I make stock all the time. If it was faster to use the chamber machine, or even just more reliable or less finicky, I'd use the chamber machine. For me, it's faster and easier to burp the air out of the bag, against a counter edge, and use an impulse sealer.

I'd make an exception if the chamber machine was a few feet away from the stock (mine isn't though I like the exercise; I routinely walk each packet out separately as I prefer the walk to waiting). Then, following your advice, dial in the exact seconds needed to reach 0.2 bar of vacuum so the chamber machine can complete its job unattended. Get the next packet ready..

I have three of the steam table trays shown in my earlier post. They're just deep enough to take the weight off a packet of stock, and the metal conducts heat so all packets freeze quickly. My freezer just has room to stagger the trays so each rim supports the next.

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