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Run for the Charcoal

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  here's a story about charcoal, kinda goes sideways for a while but eventually comes back on track. It all began in my neighbors driveway where for the past few years I've been cleaning out their snow. I decided this year to downsize my work load so I gave my notice and asked them to hire a plow. Well, the other night the plow man had some issues and never showed up, my neighbor was stuck. The following morning I got them out of a fix and after about an hour of hard work with the snow blower he came and delivered me an envelope. I stuck the envelope in my pocket, went home and tossed it on the bar. Generally my neighbor gives me $30 for the effort, but when I opened the envelope a few days later there was $150. I called back and said, "Hey Bobby there's too much money in this envelope". He stated, "No, it was estimated to cost that much to remove it with a plow, so I want you to have it, and if you can could, would you cover me for the remainder of the year". Now although I tried to return at least half he insisted I keep it, insisting I should have what he was going to pay the plow.  My mind instantly said, "charcoal" and oh, I'll downsize next year.
  So it's run for the charcoal
   As fast as you can
    At this time of year
   The shelves could be clear
   It's the chance of a lifetime
   In a lifetime of chance
   And it's high time you joined
   In the dance, yes it's high time you joined in the dance.
                     There were 3 bags of Wicked good charcoal, 2 bags of Fogo and 2 bags 30lb of B&B Char logs. Now Wicked Good unbeknownst to me is from Brazil, all along I thought it was from the great state of Maine. So I guess the charcoal reserves are set for a while and my basket is full. Here's to cooking with a hot fire :drinkers:


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You have a pretty good neighbor. I'm sure you didn't want the job but it's hard to refuse once you're paid in advance.  The bottom line is that all those brands of charcoal are more than good and you'll have a great time burning every bag down to ashes! 

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10 hours ago, swoff1 said:

lol good story.    I have done the same .    I have enough Jealous devil lump and Pellets to last until next summer.2023

 Always a good idea to keep a stash, it's a comfort to know there's another just behind it


5 hours ago, Poochie said:

I'm sure you didn't want the job

It started out 3-4 years ago when my neighbor had issues with the plow driver showing up late and they couldn't move until he showed. I still don't want it, it's more of a favor. I can't believe they get that much for moving snow. Anyhow, what do they say, it's beer money.

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5 hours ago, C6Bill said:

have to do the back yard too lol

For the dogs of course, and I see you made it interesting. I do the same.


4 hours ago, Bruce Pearson said:

I haven’t done any grill ot cooking

Hey Bruce, good to hear from yah.  You know I find take out a lot easier at times too, were anxiously waiting for you to get back in the saddle again. 

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9 hours ago, Bruce Pearson said:

At the rate I’m going I have enough of Dennis’s charcoal to last me a lifetime! LOL I’m sad to say I haven’t done any grill ot cooking in a long time😩

Lovely to hear from you Bruce.  If I lived close by I would come round to play.   I just know that you have every gadget going and I would be able to try before I succumbed and bought my own.  Get grilling, you can't let all that lovely Dennis char go to waste.  Think of all of us deprived Brits who can't get hold of it this side of the water!!

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