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22" Hi-Cap Table Top is in Production

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To give you a little idea of the scale of this beast..  Because the bucket is almost 25" tall to lip, the distance between the charcoal and main grill is very much like the full-size Komodo Kamados. It is 21" front to rear which is the same as the 23" Ultimate.
The 19" Table Top is very roomy for a 19" grill.  As you can see, it is absolutely dwarfed by the new 22" TT. This is a no-compromise solution for those who want KK quality built into their outdoor counter.



This teak cabinet with an inlaid brushed 304 Stainless sheet is 34" tall like all Komodo Kamado grills/cabinets.



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4 minutes ago, MacKenzie said:

I am back, can't get that pix with the grill in the cabinet out of my mind, a stunning combination.:

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When sitting it in the cabinet you can see that it's actually wider at the firebox than the standing grills. This is because the lower has almost no taper like the full sized grills.  The table top on the cabinet is a full 34" same as all standing KKs.

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That is one beautiful cooker and if it was available when I bought my 19" Table Top, I would have selected it instead!!!!

I would have also purchased the stand with the table on the left hand side (like ckreef mentioned).  Very nice combination Dennis!!!!   

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On 10/3/2016 at 5:56 AM, ckreef said:

That is a stunning looking combination. Really like the drawer underneath the grill. I assume you could get the table top going out towards the left so you still have access to the rotisserie port? 

All KK cabinets and side tables are undercut so the roti motor can sit there..  

This 23" Ultimate comparison shot shows how wide the 22"TT  is at the charcoal basket.. much wider than the standing grills. This width along with the grill shaped charcoal basket and a thin firebox creates proportionally the largest grilling "high-temp sweet spot" on any KK.  
As you can see the floor of this table top is the same distance to the main grill as the KK standing grills.  Pretty cool eeh?


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