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How to Smoke Corned Beef

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I am interested in smoking some "store bought" (Costco) Corned Beef.  I don't see that any of you have done this so I am asking for some suggestions.  I realize I will turn it into Pastrami, but that is what we want for St Pat's Day.  Most of these prepared corned beef's are around 4# or so, so I am planing on doing about 6 of them to feed everyone (50).  The info on line say's to soak them in water overnite to remove the salt.  Then coat them with a rub & cook at about 240º or so for 3 hours.  Then put into a foil pan with beef broth in bottom & steam for another 4 hours or so to 195º - 205º.  Rest for 30 min or so then cut.

Any thoughts & opinions would be helpful along with suggested rubs & cooking times.

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I’ve done it once before and the results were good, take a look at the amazingribs site for a rub recipe and instructions.


One piece of advice, definitely soak the corned beef well and change the water a few times otherwise it comes out very salty.


Just found the recipe I used:





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This timing is incredible. I have just recently ruined two briskets trying to make pastrami from scratch. Two different recipes, neither called for soaking in fresh water to reduce the salt, both were way too salty once smoked. I know what to do now.

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I  just did this. Publix uncooked corned beef. Soaked 36 hours. Seasoned 12 hours prior to low temp smoke to 160 internal temperature. Then steamed till tender at 275...about 6 hours. 195 internal temperature 





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Here's my version. St Pats has a side benefit of cheap commercially brined corned beef briskets. Scored a point and soaked it in water for 3 days (daily water changes), then rubbed with house rub of coriander, black pepper and both onion & garlic powders overnight in the fridge.


Onto the KK @ 250F indirect, with the smoker attachment loaded with alderwood and fruitwood mix pellets.


Cooked to an IT of 195F.


Notice that Kipper managed to sneak into both of the grill shots! 

Allowed to rest overnight in the fridge, then hand sliced for a tasty lunch sammie!


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