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New Big Bad Blue 32

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Truck driver, two workers and myself got this beast to the back patio.  Used pieces from the top of the crate to soften the step down the ramp.  The BGE in the back ground is sad, but will find a new home soon.  In the first two weeks I have done several chickens, brisket, Pizza and Boston butt.  I was very nervous about the size and cost, but after only 2 weeks I know (and my wife) think this is great.  Dennis was very helpful and never pushy about the sale.  

Cant believe how much better this is than the BGE.  The food is soooo much moisture and the heat control is outstanding.  

Gizzie the white lab is waiting for the Boston Butt to come off the KK.IMG_1692.thumb.jpeg.2ca07af07142da556c93d2c8873657e9.jpegIMG_1694.thumb.jpeg.b5f617634b64a889024971db45685038.jpegIMG_1695.thumb.jpeg.bb4d2d1720b15aa15660f06921349a3e.jpegIMG_1710.thumb.jpeg.2b5c4b19fd6a92f38f0c3e78b92186a4.jpegIMG_1783.thumb.jpeg.de7350af58e52941094e12d07fa2f2b0.jpegIMG_1784.thumb.jpeg.d17a6edf1a3e0e651218771befefa52b.jpegIMG_1785.thumb.jpeg.b9a530725d40740df31ffd1fd4c950d2.jpegIMG_1793.thumb.jpeg.4feaeea090c66aab406ef98d7bbae9f6.jpegIMG_1794.thumb.jpeg.c45d78dedeb92613873c33a9ac8bb1b4.jpegIMG_1797.thumb.jpeg.8e90fac56cfc27a6afe171e0a9bb8eca.jpegIMG_1799.thumb.jpeg.1c2f96447cde3984203d912eb686dbde.jpeg



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Congrats! She’s a beauty for sure.

I’m also a long time BGE grilled and had a custom Challenger Designs cabinet made for my XL which will soon hit the market. Awesome cabinets! I’m considering having one made for my SBB42 as well.

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Hold on to the feeling of opening day as long as you can because as it disappears and your cooks become more frequent they're  replaced with a degree of satisfaction and contentment. No wondering,,,did I do the right thing. Enjoy the ride  

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15 hours ago, Jlipp79 said:

What goes in that space?



15 hours ago, Alohapiggy said:

I just got my 21 supreme and was wondering the same thing. 

The newer models have a separate port for the cold smoker attachment, so you can use the smoker and controller fan at the same time. A couple of folks on the Forum are in the process of retrofitting their grills with the smoker port - ckreef is one, and rick has posted pics of his retrofit effort.

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