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  1. Another source for smoking wood is a cabinet shop. They usually have cherry, red oak, alder, maple, etc.. You might even be doing them a favor by cleaning up their scraps.
  2. I'll have to try it next time I'm in Tampa.
  3. You know what? I am. I smoked some spares for one of the guys that works there. He thought they were great! The best part is I don't drink coffee! I figure anything that goes in black and comes out yellow can't be good for you.
  4. Much better thanks. Poor gal, she had to eat all of her meals in bed that day. On a side note, as stated I started Bob before sunrise. A couple hours latter I went to get the wife a latte. I was standing at the counter when the gal (barista) grab my shirt and said, "Oh my God you smell great!! I'm from Texas and your Q smells like home". I went back and gave her a 1/2 rack latter that day.
  5. Thanks everyone! It was a fun day. My wife wasn't feeling well and the rain had let up a little so I decided to cook/smoke all day. I didn't include pics of the smash burgers C/I grilled on the Weber 22 and spinach salad I had for lunch.
  6. Oh there was adult beverages or as I was calling them "KK Lube". I was enjoying Redtail Ale from Mendocino Brewing Co. YUM! good stuff. Just wanted to see if I could take pictures without having my beer in the shot.
  7. BOOM! Nailed it! MacKenzie strikes again. Looks fantastic.
  8. Once again...where's the beef!?
  9. I spent Saturday with Bob. We started off the day before sunrise. I didn't take any pictures but, first up was a rack of baby back and a rack of St. Louise spares. The BB seasoned with King Kooker Hickory and the spares with S&P. Bob settled in at 225*. The spares came off after 3.5 hours and a little over four for the baby back. While the ribs were cooking I started getting breakfast ready. Bacon, mushrooms, asparagus, tater-tots, and an Italian cheese omelet. Egg meets omelet parts And on the plate. I like a nice lite and thin egg exterior. The ribs went into a towel lined ice chest and the chicken wings went on The wings cooked for an hour at 225*. They got turned and Bob was cranked up to 400* to finish the wings off for the next 45 minutes. Can wings have a money shot? HA!! Crisp skin and juicy interior. YUM!! Cranked Bob up to 600* and did a nice steak for dinner. Mushrooms and asparagus as usual. Thanks for looking. Paul
  10. Was this Charlie's? They put out wonderful meals.
  11. That's a fine looking meal!! I bet no one left hungry.
  12. Nice!! That's what happens here most of the time. Few days of sunshine followed by flower buds then a nice hard freeze to kill every thing.
  13. Great looking ribs. The salsd looks fantastic!!
  14. We're staying on a working cattle and sheep ranch. The owner came by the other day dropped off some racks of lamb. I must say these are the most trimmed and cared for chops I have ever seen. They were vacuumed packaged in sets of four. This is my first experience with American lamb, I normally buy lamb from down under. I must say it was pretty darn good. So they looked like this Seasoned with S&P, onion and garlic powder. And I really like rosemary on lamb. I like to put rosemary on the grill and cook/smoke the meat over it. While the lamb rest the veggies go on. After the rest. I forgot to get a plated shot but, here's one mid-meal. That little sumpin in the background might have something to do with the missing platted shot! Thanks for looking.
  15. Lots of snow. I like how the chipmunks and squirrels use their tails as umbrellas to cover up over their backs and heads.
  16. Very nice! I need to venture out of the box more often and try something like this.
  17. They’re both amazing competitors. There’s no doubt in my mind…Montana! I was working in the Bay Area in the 1980’s when the 49er’s run started. It was amazing. Street signs and lights were draped with red and gold banners, 49 cent hotdogs and 49 cent beers during happy hour. Everything was pro and go Niners. I think it’s more of a baseball town now.
  18. Good for you with keeping the cabin fever in check. Where I live we don't get all that much snow, only a couple foot. We do get lots of rain. We've had over 100" so far this year.
  19. The 16" TT is pretty small. Don't get me wrong, It will hold a large butt and cook it perfectly. I bought the 16" for a number of reasons. It's just the wife and I 90% of the time so a large grill really isn't needed, it is my first ceramic grill and I didn't want to be 5K into it if it wasn't a good fit, oh...and it was part of the after Thanksgiving blowout. Prior to the purchase I told my wife that this is a starter grill and BB32 is in our future. I have no regrets whatsoever...except not having my second one yet.
  20. Brrrr MacKenzie! Looks like a good day to do anything other than go outside.
  21. Looks really good to me Bruce! You'd never know it was your second cook. Good job.
  22. So I had to go to the Guru and see what's been going on. I don't know about poking the bear but, you were definitely wasting your breath. It didn't matter the beta test (for lack of a better term) was flawed. He's made up his mind and there's no changing it. I'm with Rick...please pass the popcorn!
  23. Looks good too me!
  24. I'd eat them!
  25. If I didn't see it I wouldn't have believed it. I bet that is different...sounds interesting. I'm not much of a "light" beer guy either.