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Everything posted by Paul

  1. Now that's funny!
  2. Nice looking pies.
  3. Agreed. I bought my wife a 85 Saab 900S. What a great car. It was like sitting in your favorite recliner...could drive for hours and never be uncomfortable. So 85 Saab 900S, 58 Willey's jeep, and 92 Ford F350 4x4 with an injected 460. Passes everything but a gas station. I sill have it. only 90K original miles.
  4. Too funny! Joking aside, do they really leave tracks like that? Looks like the feet/shanks leave sweeping marks.
  5. That stuffed salmon looks delicious! Nicely done.
  6. Copper River salmon are over the top. I to go to the Pacific Northwest every summer for training when they're running. Fantastic salmon! There's a restaurant in the Portland Oregon airport that serves it for anyone who wants to fly in, try it, and fly out. Makes for a fun afternoon.
  7. Looks much more functional than the Darth Vader BBQ on the other post. You must go to the curvy side.
  8. Score! Very nice
  9. Great looking meal.
  10. Looks delicious
  11. That looks delicious.
  12. Nice color on that chicken. The whole meal looks fantastic. Any smoking wood?
  13. Nothing wrong with that!
  14. Too rich for my blood. I stick with my home ground beef
  15. Good looking meal. I've got some short ribs in the freezer I need to cook soon. Maybe next daze (they're more fun spelled that way) off.
  16. Looks really good. Lots of protein. How many people were you feeding?
  17. Score!! Very nice.
  18. Looks delicious MacKenzie! I have too ask...the last few shots of the air fried chips and rings are ketchupless...everything OK?
  19. Wow! That's different. Looks really good.
  20. Good looking pie.
  21. Good looking meal.
  22. That is a really good looking loaf!!
  23. Very nice!