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Everything posted by Paul

  1. Love duck fat. My grandfather used duck fat on everything. Rye toast with duck fat instead of butter YUM!! There's a restaurant in the Sacramento area that cooks their fries in duck fat and they are off the chart good! Road trip!!
  2. Great news about the pup!
  3. Welcome! I have a dark blue 16" TT. Love it. Looking forward to the customary pix that accompany delivery and first cooks.
  4. What Tony said.
  5. Fast food?
  6. Now the second one looks even better. Very nice.
  7. Agreed. I don't wrap anything either. I'll use foil as a drip pan and just straight smoke from there.
  8. Really nice job on the pizza! Looks great.
  9. Were they brioche buns or bitch'n buns?
  10. Nice. Can't wait to see how the bacon turns out.
  11. Boy that looks good.
  12. Another fine looking meal. You're making the most out of those OctoForks!
  13. Wow! I'm pretty sure no one will forget your first...cook Did you have a cigarette afterwards?
  14. Very nice. Great detail and pics.
  15. Wow! Guy sure does get slammed. And by the sound of it rightfully so!! I've ate at his Johnny Garlic’s restaurants years ago and wasn't impressed. If I remember correctly one shut down due to health / cleanliness concerns. Another time I tried one of his “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives” recommendations while on business in Texas. Won't ever do that again. All in all I'm not a guy fan. I think he's found a false niche.
  16. Welcome Goldengun7. Being a Northern California boy I sure do like your profile picture! A KK and a pic of got good taste.
  17. Looks delicious!
  18. Completely agree! Looks really nice MacKenzie.
  19. That's right, Goldfinger was Goldsphincter proctologist. OK this is going downhill fast. I'll stop now.
  20. Good stuff. I really like their Blackened Redfish and Hickory rubs. Hickory on ribs/chicken and BBQ shrimp with the blackened redfish.
  21. Wasn't that a Bond character?
  22. Love short ribs. I've got some in the freezer I'll have to cook soon.
  23. Looks good too me. I'd eat it.
  24. That's a good looking plate of food. I like Zatarains but, I've been using more King Kooker these days. I like their seasoning and their boil/fry rigs are fantastic!