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  1. Thanks for the tip. I haven't done any research yet. I better get busy.
  2. I had a really nasty hand injury in the 80’s. Bad enough to force a career change. I’m very happy you’re returning to work soon and your same job to boot!
  3. I'll break the rule also. My next will be the BB 32 KK. I have a 16" KK, Weber Kettle performer, and 36" Weber Rancher. Between the four I should be able to handle just about any cook.
  4. Looks like it will hold a fire. Lets cook something.
  5. I cooked breakfast ON the woodstove the other morning.
  6. My grandparents had a similar set. The fork with the leg / kickstand brought back the memory.
  7. I have a b-day coming up towards the end of the month. Might have to order one of these Anova SV tools.
  8. Good job on the restore. Definitely a labor of love.
  9. Unbelievable! That thing is awesome. Can't wait to see some pics of it in action. And the name is?
  10. Hello all! New KK owner Paul here. Long time lurker, first time poster. I first starting drooling over these cookers about 10 years ago and have been an avid forum follower since. As all of you know life gets in the way and there are always competing priorities. Cars and education for the kids, home maintenance and improvement projects, kids getting married, aging parents, the list goes on and on. I’ve always owned charcoal grills, mainly Weber and what my son named the Frank’n Smoker…a homemade combination of three different smokers I modified and made into one. Well, I lost all of them in the Nor. Cal. Valley Fire of 2015. Anyways this is my first Kamado cooker. I thought while I’m replacing things I might as well replace them with the best! I’m only three cooks in (steaks, pork roast, baby-back ribs) but I’m really enjoying it so far. I know, no pixs so it didn’t happen!! But trust me there is a cobalt blue 16” TT named Bob from the Black Friday Sale on the patio. I’m hoping to do the burn in next week. So now for the good news. I knew the 16” wasn’t big enough and I would need another KK at some point. I see the Reef’s Bistro gets by just fine with a 16.5” and 19” TT and I thought it would work for me. Well I get home the other day and my wife points at Bob and says, “these things sure are expensive” and I reply “yup” and then she says “they sure are well thought out, engineered, you’re going to get the one with the extra wheels underneath it right?” I almost fell over. I was thinking I might be able to talk her into a 23” but she’s opened the door on a BB 32” and all the way to a 42”!! And in a roundabout way told me she’s checking out the KK site. My God I love that woman! Her only request is that it’s green, a nice deep forest green. So Dennis I’m still in construction mode rebuilding our homes but once I’m finished I’ll be looking for a green BB 32”. Happy New Year All! Cheers!! Paul
  11. Oh! a leg of lamb.
  12. Nice! I love lamb.
  13. Perfect! Looks like a ham. What did you put on it?
  14. Alcohol Abuse!!! What did that poor beer ever do to him?!!
  15. Same here. We have a simple philosophy around our house...Only cry once. Meaning cry once while you're spending the big bucks to get the best available. We always buy the warranties but hope we never need to use them.
  16. You hit that one out of the park. Love surf and turf!
  17. Nice job on the move. The meal looks great also.
  18. Can you make a ramp out of plywood? I'm thinking I wouldn't want all the weight on two legs. As far as a place to lift from the pics shows they ship with rope around the feet next to the body. Slip 2"x4" through the ropes and lift. You're going to need some help.
  19. There's another thing I like about this group of people. We cook outdoors all year fair weather KKer's here. Not much better than fresh crab, a grilled rib steak so rare it's on the endangered species list, and sides in front of the fire while watching the lousy weather outside.
  20. I don't care for the snow so much any more. The other day the weather man completely blew the forecast and I ended up shoveling 1.5' of "partly cloudy" off my deck.
  21. If it's a gift the price depends on how much enjoyment the receiver will get out of it. For my Dad it wouldn't be too expensive...a gift for myself NO WAY! I agree with everyone else, too pricy. Have you looked at Snake River Farms?
  22. Interesting! Love carnitas! Let us know what you think.
  23. How about bargain of a lifetime!! Nice score!