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  1. Well, I started. I got one screw off each rod on the door. They came off quite easily, in fact. My sockets are too thick to go on top of the other ones - the nuts are right next to the rod. Will need an open-end box wrench (9/32"), but of course I don't have one that size in my toolbox. It wouldn't be a project without at least one trip to the hardware store!
  2. My new gas door rods arrived today. But, I can't install them right now because I've got the cold smoker running - smoking my bacon. If I get a chance after the bacon comes off in a couple more hours, I might give it a go, seeing as we're suppose to see rain for the next 2 days. Fingers crossed that I can get the old nuts off the existing door. They've not been touched since I've owned it. Will report back when I get it finished.
  3. Add my best wishes for the pup, too! Hope she mends quickly.
  4. Not a whole butt, but I've done lots of jerked pork - ribs, chops, and roasts. Something as big as a butt, I'd consider injecting it in addition to slathering the outside. If you want to get OTB with it - try some jerked seafood - shrimp, fish (snapper) and lobster are all really tasty.
  5. Cool Story. Noticed that one of the Exec Producers was John T. Edge. Love his writings about southern cooking and traditions.
  6. Might have to try this for breakfast in the morning, as I have some rye bread.
  7. Glad you liked it, Aussie. I'm falling in love with that one, too. Hope they decide to keep making it, as it is one of the "experimental" ones in their Kickstarter program.
  8. Except maybe in the gas tank - LOL!
  9. Keep the in-progress pics coming. We like seeing the restoration in action.
  10. Unfortunately, we don't have Whataburgers around here. We just got our 1st 5 Guys - I don't even know if it's open yet. They just finished the building. Miss those fried apple pies, too. They were good!
  11. I was going to ask if adult beverages were involved, as is typical in such stories?? I'm in Doc's camp for my grates - nothing but grill floss. I will soak the rotisserie basket in PBW, but that's about it.
  12. For chains - 5 Guys, followed by In & Out. But, Ken, I do have a soft spot for Arby's curly fries. Mickey D's dropped off in my book when they stopped using beef tallow to placate the silly vegans! We have a local spot that makes THE BEST FRIES that I've ever had. Perfect frites - better than what I had in Belgium! I can't even get close at home, using duck fat!!