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  1. Some Days Are Diamonds

    Rockin' it, MacKenzie!
  2. Cooking a whole chicken using OctoForks

    One thing that I hope you figured out right away - OctoFork tines are damn sharp! Never a problem skewering anything with them, including my fingers! I have learned to be very careful so as not to slice a finger pushing meat onto the tines.
  3. Pulled pork

    PC in da house!
  4. Just bought one. It's destined for Peking Duck on New Years Day!
  5. Sides challenge

    Just that we're seriously hip is all!
  6. First low n slow cook.

    Love her name - it fits her!
  7. Some Days Are Diamonds

    Me, too. I use Ruhlman's recipe; but this last batch, I swapped out the juniper berries for the PC. I liked it. http://blog.ruhlman.com/2010/10/home-cured-bacon-2/
  8. Sides challenge

    Yep, that's them!
  9. Some Days Are Diamonds

    Gorgeous looking bacon, MacKenzie! Did you experiment with any Purple Crack in the brine or rub?
  10. Cold smoker question

    Yeah, really windy days do funny things with both the smoker and the KK.
  11. Just another day in Buffalo

    It was nice here today - 51F, but we'll see the deep freeze for Christmas - highs in the teens and lows in the single digits! Maybe some snow on Thursday night? We have seen only one light dusting so far this season.
  12. Sides challenge

    Play a part - seriously!?! YOU are the sole reason we're all addicted now!
  13. Cold smoker question

    To be quite honest, I've struggled with keeping the chips lit in mine, too! Dennis suggested lighting a medium sized chunk of lump and putting it in the middle of the stack of chips. It works OK, but I still have had times when it goes out later in a longer smoking session. I've started mixing the wood chips with the pellets that they use in the pellet smokers. It seems to work a bit better, so give that a try.