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  1. Muy bien tacos

    "Break a leg, kid" in the Challenge!
  2. New 21" Supreme

    Will second everything that MacKenzie said - No need for either the deflector stone or water in the drip pan. Will make your cooks simpler and easier to manage without them. If you want to cook indirect and aren't worried about a lot of fat dripping onto the coals, then you can also just wrap the lower grate with a sheet of aluminum foil instead of the drip pan. Equally effective and a much easier clean up. Or, combine the 2 ideas and line the drip pan with aluminum foil for easier clean up. Whatever trips yer trigger, as they say!
  3. Spinning Some Pork Chops

    And, the weather forecast for next week isn't looking too spiffy for outdoor cooking either!
  4. Spinning Some Pork Chops

    Hey, Susan! Glad to see you posting again!
  5. Spinning Some Pork Chops

    Nice chops! I hear yah! They say we might get from 3" - 8" Friday night/Saturday morning, depending on where the rain/snow divide line falls across the state. Spring, my ass!!
  6. New 21" Supreme

    Here, here!!! One of Gilmore's best guitar solos is in Dogs. IMHO
  7. New 21" Supreme

    YEAH!! Can't wait to see those pics! So, what's the 1st (virgin) cook going to be??
  8. BB32 in Alabama

    Off to the races now!
  9. BB32 First Cooks

    Nice pies! Yep, only gonna get better from here!!!
  10. Unpack and round one

    I was wondering if you're little girl was unhappy at losing her art canvas to make room for the KK??
  11. Everyday Misc Cooking Photos w/ details

  12. Baby backs

    Very nice, Aussie! What'd you think of the Lane's Rub and Sauce??
  13. Everyday Misc Cooking Photos w/ details

    That was a fair amount of smoke you had going there, FotonDrv. How'd it come out?
  14. Everyday Misc Cooking Photos w/ details

    The salmon, goat cheese and caper dressing all went on after the pizza was taken off the grill. Sorry, if my post wasn't clear on that part. Since the only toppings on the pizza were some EVOO, red onion and the grape tomatoes (halved), I passed on par baking the crust this time. Worth considering next time as a change up.
  15. Everyday Misc Cooking Photos w/ details

    Tonight's inspiration - lox & bagels, but on a pizza. Sesame seed crust, red onion, grape tomatoes dressed with Dizzy Pig Raging River rub, done in the KK on the stone @ 425F for 15 minutes, then finished with herbed goat cheese, smoked salmon and dressed with dill/parsley/capers in lemon infused EVOO. Confession - dough was purchased, not homemade this time. Thinking the leftovers will be breakfast tomorrow with some hard boiled egg on top!