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  1. OMG! That crackle looks seriously awesome, mate!
  2. I have the frogmat, too. Works great, but be careful about the temperature limits on direct heating. These work pretty well, too.
  3. Never seen the cheese sauce part before, but beer brats are THE thing around here in summer time!
  4. Just to second MacKenzie and Charles - you will be amazed at how nice and moist chicken is on the KK. And yes, pictures please!
  5. Very clever idea with the double pizza stones in the oven trick!
  6. Nice indeed. Have some salmon in the freezer that I need to cook up. Used my lemon myrtle for the first time last night in some freekeh, along with the Native Pepper flakes. Citrusy, indeed. Now, to figure out what to use the Bush Tomato on??
  7. Yummy looking lamb!
  8. I do the baking powder and salt rub on my chicken skin overnight to help with crispy skin. Can't wait to see the finished product!
  9. Nice sammie, but where's the "bus?"
  10. Looks seriously tasty.
  11. While it's not G&T weather here, yet, I can enjoy the barrel-aged beers at the local brewery in the meantime! A new release every week in January. This week was a Strong Scotch Ale finished in a Heaven Hill bourbon barrel.
  12. Nicely done!
  13. I did that a few years back when the funky salt craze was going on. I find that there's more of a textural difference than a taste difference between many of them, with the exception being Indian Black Salt that has a fair amount of sulfur in it and the smoked ones. If anyone is interested in giving this a go, here's where I get most of my off the wall salts -