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  1. It's a storage unit now for tools and grates!
  2. @MacKenzie -
  3. Yummy dinner! Cute squirrel.
  4. Some of those old patterns are quite collectable.
  5. That's a lot of grills! Looks like they just need a 42" to complete the set.
  6. serious brisket!
  7. AND, it's in pink butcher paper, so you know it's going to be insanely moist!!
  8. My classic example for this is parsley - dried parsley is practically worthless in cooking. Cilantro is almost as bad. Always use fresh for each of these. Just about everything else, dry is OK.
  9. I was going to ask if the "peach" was your smoking wood or in your rub? Now I know.
  10. I'll remember this one, too, since I generally only cook wild salmon.
  11. Very interesting, indeed! I'll remember this tip for sure.
  12. Thanks, MacKenzie, but I know not to get used to this nice weather - there's still lots of winter left before it's really spring here. I'm just hoping that it doesn't fake out the trees and plants into blooming early and they get frozen later.
  13. I love to buy Parm/Regg in a store that has the full wheels. It's fun watching them crack one open. There's some real skill in doing it correctly - involves chisels and mallets! And for folks not in the know - save the rinds. They are amazing when tossed into soups, like minestrone.