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  1. My first thought was use it to keep the squirrels out of your bird feeders! Be afraid, be very, very afraid! Peanut Butter, it ain't! Coulda been worse, he could have sent your some Marmite! So, now you're addicted, too! Welcome to the Purple Crack Gang!
  2. Great to hear that you liked it. Not too spicy then? I, too, did some lamb loin chops on the grill for dinner tonight. One was just Taz pepper salt and the Lemon Myrtle/Taz Pepper blend, the other one was my house lamb seasoning. Both were great in their own way. I'm biased on my house blend, as I experimented for many months to come up with it. But, I have to say the Taz Lemon Pepper/Purple Crack blend was damned tasty, too!! Gonna do some Purple Crack ribs on Sunday.
  3. Wore that poor fat boy out! And, we have to wonder, did the Groom have anything left in the tank for later??
  4. Me, too. But, I did have to sign for it. Hang in there, Charles! Made some Purple Crack scrambled eggs w/cheese for brekkie this morning (see, eating these Aussie spices makes you talk like that - LOL!) Very tasty and it did turn the egg whites purple - ended up looking like a slab of blue cheese on the plate. Looking forward to using them in my bacon brine instead of juniper berries and mixed in with regular peppercorns and coriander for pastrami! Plan to use the Lemon Myrtle/Taz Peppercorn mix on some lamb chops tonight. Hey, Aussie, you tried my "house lamb seasoning" yet? More curious to see if I got the heat level down enough for Dee. I really dialed it back from my normal recipe.
  5. Thanks for clueing me in that there was lemon myrtle in the ground. I should have figured that out from the "lm/pb" scribe on the label. Losing it in my old age, I suppose?? I did mix up some Pepper Salt, per you guidance: 2 parts Kosher salt to 1 part Pepper Berries, by weight. Then into the spice grinder and viola - purple salt! That's what I was referring to by "purple crack!" I can see me putting that on EVERYTHING! I also broke down the Kee into Nickel (2 oz) and Dime (4 oz) FoodSaver bags - LOL!
  6. For a 1st time attempt - DAMN! Like others said, use the upper grate next time and add a bit more heat soaking time - at least an hour. And - No Peaking!!!
  7. Sorry, too many bad flashbacks to cafeteria food in grade school! No fish sticks - NO, NO, no, no, no!!
  8. OK, Aussie, fess up! This stuff isn't peppercorns, it's "purple crack!" One taste, and I'm already hooked!! You Bastard! And, my tongue is still tingling 15 minutes later*. Hoping that you sent enough to supply my new habit for the coming year - maybe if I step on it a couple of times with sea salt! But, seriously, Thanks Tons, Aussie. Can't wait to start cooking with this stuff! * (For the rest of you, it's like tasting Szechuan peppercorns - it has a slight numbing sensation on your tongue. But the flavor is not the same; think nutmeg with more herbal notes - oregano or epazote.)
  9. Where did you find those chops? Not used to seeing them with that much bone and fat left on - even on lollipops. I almost cried reading this. Lamb chops are one of the best things on the planet to eat - seriously! March right out now and get some for this weekend! Big tip - don't cook them past med-rare. Lamb gets chewy if overcooked.
  10. Not yet, MacKenzie. Just bought a new bag of spuds today at the market. Now, to go find that red palm oil. I have a couple of local spots to try looking for it. Hope to score some for the weekend cooks. Gotta try those new Taz peppercorns, too! So many wonderful cooks to experiment with - no wonder I'm seriously overweight!
  11. Like a friend reminds me occasionally - "We're all gonna die from something, so it might as well be from something that we enjoyed!"
  12. Very kewl! One of the reasons that I don't post over there - too many haters.
  13. Well, guess what showed up in my post today?? That's right!! Woo-Hoo!! Up close and personal. And, some ground ones, too? BONUS!!! So, don't be diss'ing USPS. My stuff arrived just fine, as did Aussie's package from me. I'm thinking that Bermuda Triangle overlaps GA!!!