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  1. Their website is up and running now. I got an email offering a 15% discount, if anyone is interested in ordering one. Use code "HUNGRY1".
  2. Wonderful! Take a deep breath and lets move on to accessories and charcoal, so shipping can commence!
  3. Hurray, purple crack! I assume you're doing them lo & slo? Target temp? Speaking of purple crack - my Purple Crack beer went over really well at the Festival yesterday.
  4. Nicely "smooked" tri-tip.
  5. Nice, Charles, but where was the Purple Crack?? That filling just cried out for some!
  6. Nice ribs, Aussie.
  7. Vitamix?? I've made soup in mine before. Amazes me that you can generate that much heat from simple friction.
  8. Charles, is 572F the upper rating on the Thermoworks monitors?
  9. Nice deer pix, MacKenzie. I'm seeing several, including fawns, in my neighbor's yard almost daily; he has an apple tree. Wish I was there to help with the sammie, too!
  10. I only own 1 KK (23") and will tell you about juggling last night's cook. Mine wasn't 2 different temperatures, but 2 different cooking techniques. I needed to roast cut up veggies for the potato salad, and I wanted to rotisserie the chicken thighs and an ear of corn. Fortunately, the veggies didn't take that long, so I took advantage of the warmup time on the KK to reach my rotisserie temp (400F) to do them. When they were done, shortly after the KK reached temperature, I took out the main grate where I had the pan with the veggies, and put in the rotisserie basket with the ear of corn and the 2 chicken thighs. Point of this - you can juggle a cook on a single grill, but sometimes it's a challenge. Like Charles said, it's very easy to hold a low & slow cook (pork butt or brisket) in a cooler, ramp up the temp in the KK and then cook your sides, while the meat rests. But, there are many scenarios where that second KK comes in handy, especially entertaining - you might be doing ribs on one KK and grilling burgers on the other, so everyone eats at the same time. Just some things to ponder while picking out the colour of your tiles (hint, hint - Dark Autumn Nebula!)
  11. Sounds like you're honing in on the answer. Will just sit back and wait for the white smoke to appear and learn what the answer is.
  12. Not a lot to add to what's already been said. I own a 23" and it's everything that I need. I seldom entertain for more that 6 to 8 people and have never run out of room on the KK. When you finally decide on which size, come back and we'll discuss accessories. And, as someone mentioned, load up that crate with as much CoCo Char and Coffee Wood as will fit. Cheapest shipping on it you will ever pay.
  13. "Gone with the Wind!" perhaps.
  14. Nicely done, MacKenzie! Only your homemade bread is worthy of that jam!
  15. Gorgeous loaf! Wish that I had the flare for baking, but not so much!