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  1. Tony, I'll dig up the recipe for the salted chives tomorrow:) Tony, posted the recipe in "Everything Else"
  2. The rest of the scallop dinner is SV scallop chowder made with the juices from the scallop SV bag. Never throw those those juices out, they are worth their weight in gold Onion, carrot, potato, salted chives, white pepper, ginger, a little corn starch, milk, water and green onions were added to the bag juice:).
  3. I voted too, and I still need more votes for my pick to win It's time for
  4. ckreef, that is a very tasty cook and lots of great pixs too, I do think you should post those menus at least 1 week in advance so we would have time to get there.
  5. Made some crispy potato latkes while the scallops were in the bath at 140F for 20 mins. Seared the scallops in ghee to add some colour. Interior view of the scallops, moist and tender:)
  6. I suppose this forum is filled with lumpaholics too, I know I have a big stash
  7. CC, I think your soon to be granddaughters are going to be spending a lot more time at your house after that meal. It looks very tasty
  8. Me too, but I need more people to pick the same one
  9. I think that Puff is really neat and appropriate
  10. ckreef, how do I order one of those dinners, it looks wonderful and I expect ever so tasty
  11. Not to worry GoF, I realize it is a name given to both boys and girls but I wanted to pick a name that would remind me of the 2 best cooks I know, my Mother and my Grandmother.
  12. I am uploading directly from my PC to the forum. It's a mystery
  13. mk1, those ribs are making my mouth water:) Nice looking smoke ring on those pork ribs too
  14. ckreef, I think I'm doing the same thing. The pixs showing the seasoned chops was 1024x768 but it show up as the same size pix as your posted ones????
  15. One of us is a woman
  16. Your wife picked it just right:) I have a question for you how do you get the pixs that size to show on this page? What size are you uploading? Thanks:)
  17. Those apples sure are eye catchers also:-)
  18. Awesome dinner, ckreef :-)
  19. ckreef, sounds delicious:) I hope you are able to post pixs:)
  20. Thanks, CC:) de Buyer pan are steel pans that heat quickly and evenly and once seasoned are stick free. They are made from 99% iron, de Buyer Mineral pots and pans don't have any chemicals or coatings. Do a web search and you will quickly see what all the fuss is about:) They are beautiful and easily seasoned.
  21. Thanks,ckreef, are you grilling or doing SV?
  22. tony, I'd like to do a fast sear on the KK but Dennis hasn't sent it to me yet I'm deciding just how I will sear, maybe in a de Buyer pan or in the le Creuset panini pan if I decide grill marks would be best. Stay tuned
  23. We will be watching and waiting
  24. MacKenzie

    Pork Chops

    These chops are nice and large Seasoned with granulated garlic and black pepper. Vacuumed sealed and ready for 4-5 hours in the 139.5F water bath depending upon when the rest of the dinner is ready:) Dinner is served- Interior of chop-
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