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Hello From San Diego......

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2 hours ago, tekobo said:

You must be so happy with the results @Troble.  Loving the lighting!  

I also love the glimpses of all those plants.  It would be great to see them in the daylight and to follow their progress as they fill out.  Awesome.  

@tekobo thank you very much. Yes I am happy and I’m not going to lie it’s been a paradise being able to take my kids in the pool at the end of day to reward good behavior and then to be able to go out there at night and completely relax. It sucked for the first month of this quarantine when the girls couldn’t go outside because our yard was under construction but now I’m very fortunate 

I will most certainly show daylight pictures and progress of plants. The pineapple guavasa are alreday starting to flower and look super cool. I still have to plant my vegetable gardens and install the citrus and passion fruit. I also have to install music. I feel like I post too many pictures already as a newbie so I try to update big milestones. There a few more to go still till we’re done 

we’re in the process of picking furniture and getting ready to order Edison bulbs and candles for the patio/bbq island. 

I still have to install the passion fruit and orange and lime trees. But I also still have to get a new roof, install roof integrated solar, install 3 Tesla powerwalls, install 2 EV.chargers  tent my house for termites, I then plant my citrus trees and passion fruit, plant my vegetable boxes. Then I will be done. ETA end of June. Major renovation 

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Awesome Troble.
I looked back at your original post and photos and see how far your family home has come.
There must be so much satisfaction out of creating what you have out of long term family home.
I’m definitely getting creative enjoyment out of our Reno and look forward to relaxing around the finished fire, kitchen and letting the KK run free without smoke blowing into the house.

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20 minutes ago, MacKenzie said:

You can always hope. :-D

Well that’s essentially why I remodeled my backyard so I could enjoy our good weather 9 or 10 months a year instead of 5 or 6

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16 hours ago, Troble said:

so I could enjoy our good weather 9 or 10 months a year instead of 5 or 6

More like 4 or 5 months here! We had snow just a couple of weeks ago and a hard freeze last night! Turning the corner next week into the 70s. Planting guide says not to plant here until late May. 

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Edison bulbs and surround sound were installed today. Also purchased outdoor dining table and barstools since last update. Just waiting on chez lounges and umbrellas  to finish but those wont be here till end of July.

as of today I can now live stream music, shows and anything else on the Apple TV in surround sound from my hot tub while I cook on my KK....very excited 











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11 minutes ago, AJR said:

That's awesome, Troble.  Nice setup.  I really like the shutter doors for the TV.

Thanks my wife came up with that. She showed our contractor a picture on Pinterest and he built it exactly. He’s coming over today to build a similar case for the audio receiver so I can protect it from the weather 

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