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Hello From San Diego......

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Here are some daytime shots. We got a nice teaK table And I found this cool contraption  to walk mount the hose for easy cleaning and maintenance. Wife is getting candles, table runners, plates etc and as I mentioned before lounges and umbrellas won’t be here till july. I bought a receiver so I could create 3 different “zones” for the speakers. 2 for the TV, 2 for the pool & hot tub and 2 for the BBQ area that way I don’t have to have the whole yard bumping if I’m only in one area. Tested it out last night and was able to crank it without disrupting my family inside or the neighbors

gotta hide all these speaker wires today 











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23 minutes ago, tony b said:

DUDE, I'm soooooo jealous of that setup! :smt023  AMAZING!

Thanks Tony. I was pretty happy last night watching my Phish concert in surround sound from my pool and hot tub. It’s literally exactly what I dreamed of doing 5 years ago. Being able to cook pizzas and now do al pastor/adobada is just what I always wanted.

The last piece is installing all our citrus trees and planting the vegetable garden but I’m waiting till we tent the house for termites before planting. And we’re waiting to tent the house till we replace the roof. Supposed to get permits from the City hopefully today so that solar/roof/battery/EV chargers project will kick off soon 

it’ll all be ready for when you come through for the brewers convention don’t you worry 😀

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Great space Troble.
I’m hunting stools now too. Also, need some soft comfort seating. This is tough to find soft seating robust enough for outdoors. Opting now for the good old bean bags.
Your zones are totally different from day to night with that lighting change.

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Great space Troble,  conducive to San Diego climate.......fly over them mountains and it's a different world.  Hey, to not take anything away from all your good work and a TV with palms about as well......, your paradise lasts so much longer.  Enjoy

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7 hours ago, Basher said:

Crickey Troble, you have taken that lighting to the next level

@BasherThe ultimate plan was multiple layers of light. The candles really helped finish but I have to tell you I wasn’t adamant on the step lights till I saw yours installed but they really are a nice touch....

still waiting on solar/roof/battery/EV chargers permit from the city. They rejected the first one so we had to resubmit and wait another 6 weeks. Once that’s done we can do that project, tent the house then finish installing all the citrus trees. Right now I got a passion fruit, orange, lime and lemon tree sitting on my side yard in pots that I’ve been watering for the last two months 


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Update...we got the permits for the roof & solar. Roof tear off will be August 10th. That means next week I gotta remove them pool solar and existing solar from the roof 


also little plant update. We originally were going to put a orange and lime tree on the back wall and try to espalier them along the wall however we can’t install anything in the wall till we tent the house for termites....and because all the nurses were selling out of plants this spring I have had my semi dwarf lime tree on my. After all court in a container since early May. They delivered me a lemon tree instead of an orange abd I ended up telling them I’d keep it abd use it in the property. Since I had time on my hands I started thinking about how my back wall was mostly north facing and how I would like to get as much fruit as possible from the citrus trees. At this point it’s June and I have a Meyer lemon, lime and Valencia orange tree on my basket all court, I decide that I’m going to clear the front hedge in my front yard that I share with my neighbor (after I’m estimating and seeing that said hedge actually is rooted on my side of the property). 

I decide I’m gonna squeeze as much as I can out of my property so in front I go with Meyer lemon, lime, Valencia orange, golden nugget tangerine, lucuma (Peruvian fruit), fruit punch mango tree. I planted all those early this week. Waiting for a pink lady apple tree and Evas Pride peach tree to come in but those won’t come till January. I also decided to plant a boysenberry and raspberry bush on the north/back wall where the lime and orange trees were going to go. Those bushes don’t need as much sun and im going to try to trellises them so they’ll have a similar look to our original idea of espalier the lime and orange tree....I’ve never gardened before so all this sounds good on paper but we’ll see if I can manage it


also decided to try and grow two dwarf avocado trees a Holiday and a Wurtz on my side yard in a tiny area. Had to order them off the internet and they came in a sad state but seem to be on the road to recovery with new growth. Also locked up a Haas and Fuentes that I’m going to plant in my backyard and prune to a manageable height so I’ll have avocados 3/4 of the year. 

My wife and I weren’t totally happy with the plants in our front yard. They arent very unique and aren’t our style so we are in the process of finding unique succulents to put in the yard to give it different textures and colors. We went to this insane nursery that’s outside San Diego that sits on 25 acres and you have to be driven around in golf carts http://www.ranchosoledad.com

took a few pictures of sobs if the stuff we’ve planted already to show some coming in. It’s been hot this summer and I’m still learning the right watering schedule

Also bought a composting tumbler to start composting 






































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Mulch those Avos thick. They have feeder roots that grow through the mulch. They also will only fruit where the have direct sunlight touching them so don’t grow them too close to other trees or walls. Mates have o o farms north and south of us.
Good luck.

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