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Hello From San Diego......

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Nothing like sitting in a spa in the snow sippin on beverage.  Troble, have you been to the BBQ Pit there in San Diego?  The reason I ask is, there is Youtube celelbrity that goes by the name of Ballistic BBQ living in San Diego area that recently did a vid on beef shoulder. Now I haven't gotten round to the shoulder yet myself for reasons, it requires alot of guests to enjoy. I believe the 32 could handle that cook quite well for a grand opening. Just sayin, check out the vid, a recent cook he did four days ago. A neighbor.

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Made pizza for the first time. Tried two dough recipes one with instant yeast that I slightly messed up the mixing so resulted in a bit dry dough and the second with a sourdough starter I’ve been keeping

both we’re edible girls loved their cheese pizza but I wasn’t happy with result. 2nd with pepperoni and sourdough crust was better. 

takeaway lesson is I need to improve my dough skills but super fun night with the girls 







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@basher seemed to take about an hour. I put the double drip pan on the top grate and then the pizza stone on the top grate above that. I believe it was more or less an hour to get it up to 500 but I was in my hot tub drinking San Diego IPA beer so my timing could’ve  been plus or minus 15 minutes 

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I use that setup also, a tip from Syzygies. It keeps the crust from burning and gives more time for the top to cook especially if you have a loaded pizza. More of the heat goes up and around the edge making it so the dome gives off more radiant heat to cook the toppings. 

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Very nice Troble.
Did you run with a rainbow of colour changes with your lights?
I filled a 6m3 skip bin yesterday cleaning out the garden beds. Building and tiling finishes next week.
Looks like I’ll race you to the finish line!

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@Basher they have that feature but I have t played with it yet. The hot tub and pool aren’t in the same operating system but fortunately their color shades seem to be an exact match. I’ll have to play with the various settings and slight shows to see but I git this thing called the IntelliCenter that manages the pool solar heating, the gas heater (winter/night backup), the pool lights and the outdoor lighting in the backyard. 

the spa is a stand-alone unit that operates independently 

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