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Hello From San Diego......

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delivery day! It’s raining today but fortunately we got the KK from the truck to the side yard/basketball court. 

backyard won’t be ready for 3-4 weeks so trying to decide if I open and use the KK now and move it again later or wait. It’s raining for the next 7 days and we’re supposed to go to Peru end of month but who knows with this corona virus stuff.....I’m debating whether or not to put my Eazy Up this weekend so I can cook and break it in.....I’m sure I’ll do that. But excited to get it here!






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4 minutes ago, Tyrus said:

Screw Peru! Stay home and dance with the fire. Raining in San Diego.........never seen such a thing

My wife is from there and are taking our 4 & 2 year old to meet their 97 year old great grandma and about 7-10 different aunts and uncles they haven’t met....hard to not do that 

i also took advantage of being in Lima to make reservations at Maido and Central the number 1 & number 2 best restaurants in Latin America https://www.theworlds50best.com/latinamerica/en/list/1-50

we’ve had the trip planned for a year. Also planning to do a Peruvian cooking class, I love their food. Was very much hoping to not have to cancel this trip 

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@Tyrus yep. I’ve been out there about every 15-20 minutes since it’s been unwrapped. My girls think it’s “so pretty”


@Basher when we move it over there it certainly will it’s even bigger than I imagined in my head


@MacKenzie I can’t wait. Will hopefully cool Saturday. Was supposed to be in Bay Area this weekend but that got cancelled and now my wife tells me Peru is gonna have to cancel because they are shutting things down over there so looks like my next 3 weeks are Homebound with nothing to do but learn how to cook on my KK....I’m going to the butcher shop tomorrow to stock up and will be cooking on it a lot coming up. 

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Got a break in the rain and managed to unbox it will cover it for the night and work on it again tomorrow. It is so beautiful in person 

A beauty congrats!

I see Dennis is now using what appears to be billet temp probe hole plugs. I’m interested to say the least!

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