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Always wanted to share this place with this group but never sure of the right place. Found this corner of the forum today so figured this would be a good spot 

I live in San Diego and about 90 minutes south of me and approximately 13 miles north of Ensenada is one of the most magical places I’ve ever experienced in all my travels around the world. It’s called Valle de Guadalupe and it’s an incredible region that has over 150 wineries abs some truly world class dining. The cuisine actually has its own name called “Baja-Mrs”. Mexican food meets Mediterranean. The wine valley is about 8 miles east of the beach so you get incredibly fresh seafood along with incredible local produce. It’s absolutely magical and is the source for all my cooking inspiration. My favorite restaurants cook primarily outdoor over fire using local oak wood, it’s what the region is known for 

one of the best places is called Deckmans El Mogor. Here are some photos of the restaurant. They recently opened a Japanese Omakase bar on site as well that I will post done pictures of. 















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1 hour ago, MacKenzie said:


This is the place I had in mind when I started my backyard project. Originally I was gonna do a Lang offset wood smoker, a wood fired pizza oven and a Santa Maria grill....then I found the KK

I used to go to Napa in the fall but haven’t been since 2012, we go south now. Wine is not nearly as good the the food scene and outdoor dining is incredible this guy Drew Deckman earned a Michelin star in Europe but now owns a farm and winery in Mexico 

we go down there and eat a 10 course meal with wine pairing for $100. World class food, beautiful setting, impeccable service 

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My other favorite spot is a place called Animalon which is on the property of a famous Tijuana Chef named Javier Plascentia. Javier also has a Michelin star and he is the other god father of this type of cuisine 

He built Animalon as a pop up for his 50th birthday and decided to keep it open during the summers. It’s inside a massive 200 year old oak tree and everything is cooked on an open fire with oak wood 



















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17 hours ago, Troble said:

@tony b it’s $100/person but again for the quality of food and the wine is very good, not exceptional it’s a great experience. 

That's a reasonable price for this level of meal. I've paid more! The pictures are all stunning! BUT, $85 for a bottle of water - REALLY??? What is it made from - the tears of angels??

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@tony b that’s in peso my friend. 85 pesos is $4.50. It’s bottled water Evian or something equivalent. It’s Mexico bro! That sushi omakase with wine pairing is $120 for 14 courses or so and a different drink with each dish. It’s the best dining I get in San Diego. 

also keep in mind in this magical land you can literally wake up on the ocean, drive 15 minutes inland and eat Michelin star campfire food all day while drinking wine and then go back to the beach (should one want to). I stay in a secluded place in the Valle since the beach is something I see a lot of, but many people like that fact 

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