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But, Inquiring Minds Like Our Would Like To Know - where were the roasting potatoes underneath the chicken thighs in that wood oven? That pan arrangement just screams out for roasting veggies underneath dripping meats!

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@tony b, I actually intended to roast potatoes with the chicken but 1) I foolishly got the oven temp up to 550°C and had to wait over an hour to let it reduce to 400°C (which was still 200° hotter than I wanted) and at that temperature, the thighs took less than 20 minutes to cook and 2) I had some leftover linguine + pesto from the night before and decided to use it for the starch instead. But, yes, the pan would do great for roasting potatoes, etc. It is about 12 gauge steel so isn't going to flex or buck in the heat.

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On 5/23/2023 at 5:17 PM, jonj said:

And yes, these mutant monsters are actually thighs

I would've like to have see the rest of the bird looking at those thighs. I better stop there, could end up in trouble pursuing a thigh conversation. Looked great though.

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