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Any tips for setting up a jerky cook on a 32?

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My KK is on the water and scheduled to make it to the states early next month! Of the many cooks I’m looking forward to, one near the top of my list is trying my hand at making some smoked jerky for an annual ice fishing trip in the early parts of next year. I’ve seen a couple of posts here on the topic. One (from 15 years ago if I recall correctly) was using grounding wire to hold a stack of extruded coal, with the idea as I understood it that as the lower coals burned down, the higher ones would fall into place so the fire wouldn’t spread in width.

Another user posted a YouTube video which I’ve watched many times in the past, but which I don’t believe went into much detail regarding setting up the coals and vents for holding temps around 170 or so. 

In theory, I suppose it should be possible to start as you would for any low and slow cook, but with the vents choked down more than you would normally. Is this correct, or are there additional considerations which need to be taken into account for cooking this low?

Thanks in advance, as always!

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I've smoked jerky a few times. I place an old pan (meatloaf, pie, etc.) in the bottom and use just a few pieces of charcoal and wood in that pan. Gives better control of flame/temp. Also stay out of the wind. It can more or less pull a vacuum on the smoker making temp harder to control. YMMV

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6 hours ago, David Chang said:

this reminds me to try to make biltong. i've only made jerky in a excalibur dehydrator but never on the kk. 


I have made biltong and droewors at home, had to find the lowest temperature dehydrator as I didn’t want to make a biltong box. Kitchen aid meat grinder/sausage attachment makes the dry sausage production possible. 

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