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22" Beast Table Top, KK family growing

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Hi guys,

You might remember me from my first welcome message about two years ago, 


I have to admit that I went a bit silent on you (unplanned - of course), I will try to be more active in the future :)

So, in my first post I indicated that a 42" will be following the 32" I bought. And that is still the plan. However, as I was browsing Dennis's website I came across a Bronze Tile (yes, that's right... Tiles this time 💪) 22" Beast Table Top, accompanied by one of Dennis' teak cabinets. I couldn't resist. Order placed with Dennis last week and if everything goes as planned it will be on its way to Hamburg by the end of February. Wondering how long this is going to take with the Huthis pretty much blocking Suez Canal though...

Can't wait for it 😍

@DennisLinkletter thanks for your patience and support with my countless questions! Great customer care :)

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On 2/8/2024 at 2:22 PM, MacKenzie said:

Tiles, then Dennis realize his mistake and brought in pebbles, they cook better. :smt046

Tell that to this tile cooked brisket !!!! It melts in the mouth like butter. I put 10 pounds of it in a batch of Super Bowl chili today 😁






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