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Everyday Misc Cooking Photos w/ details

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Put some of those pork ribs from the other day to good use. Made a potatoe salad with sous vide potatoes. They work great because they stay in tact.


Sous vide potatoes, all in tact.


Ribs and salad plated.


Pepper, smoked paprika and silk chili all from B&B spices.




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It's been a while since I've posted but, saw Mac's eggs and thought I'd share a couple of recent cooks.  My KK has been out of service for about 6 months while we rebuilt it's spot. 

Thankfully, we got done with everything just in time for the lockdown.  So, lots of time to catch up recently.


Been in a rut using the smoke pot with coffee splits lately.  So everything starts out that way.

First cook was some pork steaks that I smoked to rare, then took them to temp with a reverse sear and finished them off with a coating of bbq sauce that carmelized with the heat of the sear.  We've become addicted to smoked corn. Taken to cutting them, so they stand up and get a full coat of smoke.



After reaching temp, I have my top grate turned upside down over the coals to for searing.



Easter cook was smoked wings with a spicy dry rub.  The diablo eggs have candied jalapeño and red pepper flakes. 



The tri-tip came along for the ride... It's been vac packed up for later.  

I've really enjoyed catching up with all the great postings, plus seeing a lot new names has been great.

 Our world is small, community is important, stay well and keep sharing.





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Simple dinner of BBQ'ed chicken. Played with 4 different sauces, just to make things fun: Dinosaur Honey Mustard Creole, Dinosaur Wango-Tango Habanero, Cackalacky CheerWine and my house sauce. All thighs were dusted with Slap Yo' Daddy. I only sauced the undersides, trying to keep the skin side crispy. Direct, on main grate, cherry wood chunks, 350F. 


Plated with roasted spuds and hushpuppies, with a side salad.



Final jury is out on the sauces, as I only ate 2 pieces of chicken with dinner - the Creole and the Cheerwine. Leftovers await!

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Happy Earth Day!!  🌎

50 years - WOW!

I guess that I was distracted on 4-20 day :smt033 and forgot to post pics of the dinner. Pork Satay skewers with peanut sauce over coconut rice, with a nice side salad and a tasty Rose. Main grate, direct, 350F with peach wood chunks.





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Grabbed the point offered at the local (choice) and cooked it up with s&P and a little additional things 3hrs in. Used the round SS pan that was drilled out and it performed very well for a comfortable 8 hours. Found it gave a equal balance distribution for the heat deflection. Wrapped at the stall in paper since it was a lean piece, but at the end it was all meat. 


DSCF2956 (1).JPG



DSCF2960 (1).JPG

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