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Everyday Misc Cooking Photos w/ details

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Was seriously foggy yesterday afternoon, but still warm enough for short sleeves. So it was International chicken thighs in the fog! 4 different rubs - Jerk, Berbere, Peri-Peri, and Shawarma. Main grate, peach wood chunks, 375F. Near the end, I tossed on the leftover hunk of the haloumi cheese - it picked up some more nice smoke and was better than the night before.


Trying not to be a total piggy about it, I only plated 2 of the thighs - Jerk and Berbere. Side of pasta and nice salad with crusty bread. 


To help the tomato sauce hold up to the spicy chicken, started out sautéing mushrooms with some Nduja and Bomba. Surprisingly no heartburn after all this spicy stuff! I credit the haloumi cheese and the wine - LOL!


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Big Saturday footy final night here in Bris Vegas.
Well done to the Richmond Tigers with a convincing final half.
Here is the footy final feed
Beef rib fillet on the bone.
For something different I put this on the spin.
Very pleasing outcome.
Btw spice with garlic, cumin, pepper, chillie and a little onion powder. Salted desperately.
Spun to medium rare then grilled low down for some char.

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Carne asada tacos tonight. Aged onglet, grilled spring onions, japano, guacamole and garlic crema.

It's a recipe from Breddos which is a great taqueria that started out in East London. It's from their cookbook but a variation which has all the components of the recipe is available from Great British Chefs if anyone is tempted.   

I put way too much Scotch Bonnet in the chili sauce but the garlic crema cut it beautifully. Cerveza Pacífico Clara to wash it all down for the beer minded.


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Let's have a wing-ding tonight! Wings on the main grate, peach wood, 325F. Dry Rubbed with Kosmo Q's Hot Buffalo wing dust. 997645558_IAAFAuctionWingDinner002.thumb.jpg.7df92926b08a3c3ea8505d6c5dc59b26.jpg

Batch 1: Tossed in a butter, Frank's hot sauce & Shit the Bed hot sauce. Batch 2: Tossed in butter and K-Pop Korean hot sauces (reg and XXX).  Side of tater tots, with green crack and carrot, celery and cucumber sticks with ranch.


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@Basher big cook mate. Beef ribs spun on the rotisserie! Never thought of that And those lobsters looked great. Wished I was eating at your house looks lovely

@Braai-Q great looking taco! Can’t go wrong with tacos and beer!

@tony bconsistentky perfect as always 

@Mcjudsten nice looking beef ribs

@Aussie Ora you are the king of ribs sir

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I've been meaning to do Suya Kebabs for a while and I had them absolutely ages ago so much so the taste was a lingering and nearly forgotten memory. @tekobo very kindly sent me some Tekobo Approved Suya so I thought I would take the opportunity and make some this weekend. Spoke to our butcher and he had some good looking skirt so I bought just over a kg and dry brined it on Saturday then cooked them on Sunday. I didn't do much more than slice and massage Suya into the meat. Worked it through, double wrapped the bowl with cling film and into the fridge it went. I was feeling hungry and lazy on Sunday and couldn't be bothered with threading the kebabs (they'd be coming off anyway) so I just used a wire basket to toss them through over a fire. It's the same technique I use with squid in chili pepper. I just used some ground nut oil once removed from the fridge and worked it through the marinaded meat. 

Here's the fire which I thought was rather attractive and the food just after it went on. Unfortunately, clocks went back yesterday so by the time they were cooked through, light levels were low and a quick snap on an iPhone would have just been a noisy, dark image. 

Left overs are going into a chili con carne tonight together with brisket left overs. I did make the Suya ridiculously hot and I knew I'd gone too far when my wife turned bright red and started to try and climb into the pot of Greek yoghurt we had in the fridge. The last time I got into trouble like that was when I made a Peri Peri Chicken and used African Bird's Eye chillies and didn't deseed them. 




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Hey there. Good looking cook @Braai-Q.  You got a load more suya pepper than our friends over the pond - postage costs are a killer.

Now, I don't want y'all to scare people off trying suya.  Even in Nigeria people like different levels of heat and the street food guys use suya pepper at a level that just flavours the meat nicely before they grill it. Once cooked you get your suya sliced, placed in a newspaper wrapping and they then add extra suya pepper if you need more to suit your taste.  And yes, I like it hot!

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