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BB 32 First Impressions

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Ok, I received the KK today, and its beautiful, first impressions:

1. Extraordinarily built, with first class materials.
2. Stunning at first look.
3. Really heavy.
4. Not as big as expected; and yes its a 32. From reading other posts I thought it was huge. Don't get me wrong its really large but I thought I did not know what I was getting into.
5. Yes I called Dennis with some questions.

If anyone has any doubts between 23 and 32, well as everyone says... go bigger.

I have no doubts that Komodo Kamado its in a league of its own.

The best grill out there.

With the best customer support. By the owner of the company and the man that put a lot of time designing this beauty.

Thanks Dennis.

Now to start cooking.

See ya.

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When you have it in its final resting place and all the goodies stored away, take that cell phone and snap a few photo's of it so we can all wish we had it too! Congratulations and I'm glad you removed it from that truck without letting gravity have its way with it. What are you cooking on it first?

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Nanuk - not as big as you thought, huh? Try loading that bad boy down with meat! The price will stagger you! Then tell us it's not as big as you thought it would be! ;)

Congrats on your KK BB 32! Your wife is soooooo good to you. And you must be really good to Her. I'd say you both deserve eachother. Congrats on your Bride and congrats again on the 32! Do you have a name for your 32?

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Thanks Tiny, and you can keep your socks in it.

Robert the pictures are coming, dont want the bad juju.

Poochie, I really dont know yet, I think some meat "arrachera".

MacKenzie, it would be an expensive little toy or key chain. :)

Ceramic Chef, at first was almost set on a 23 because all the reading made me think the 32 was huge, but after having a lot of conversations with Dennis, I changed my mind and went for it. I'm really glad I did. Don't get me wrong is big, but I thought it was going to be huge. I can move it pretty easy.

Tomorrow Im going to fire it.

It's name is Sid.

Thanks again.

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If anyone has any doubts between 23 and 32, well as everyone says go bigger.


Wow. I've fed up to a hundred people out of my 23, pork butt, and yet it never feels too big, cooking for two.


Brisket doesn't go as far, spareribs even less so. If I had the 32, I'd cook spareribs more often for larger groups. And whole animals would be more often an option, like baby goat, lamb, or suckling pig. At least when Laurie's out of town.


Anyone thinking the 23 is too big because they're often cooking for two should just go for it, not a concern. And anyone stunned into deer-in-the-headlights inaction by this choice, again just get the 23, either it will hardly ever be too small or else you already know you want the 32.


32, wow, I have to digest this. Franklin Barbecue did weld a smoker from a 500 gallon propane tank before deciding not to waste their time like that again, they stick to 1,000 gallon tanks now. Same thing?


When I think about it, it's not the money or the space, it's juggling the grates, which will weigh more. But then I custom order various 1/2" thick baking steels, they're like dumbbells and I don't mind.

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Here is one pic, took it with the phone and the picture quality is not as good.

Very nice, I love the pebble finish. As for size, you will not regret the larger grill for a moment. I have a 32" bronze it works great for just my wife and I, but is also wonderful when we have a large group around. It was the right choice for us.

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