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Christmas at the Reef's

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Today I had a nice conversation with Dennis. At the beginning of the conversation he asked if I had received the teak handled grill grippers yet. I told him the package was delivered today but I was not home from work yet.

We talked about a lot of things and we talked about my upcoming KK purchase. Along the way I asked about a 16.5" grill shaped dip pan. He told me, "Maybe I'll surprise you one day."

I got home today to a rather big package from Dennis - way bigger than grill grippers. Opening that box was like Christmas in October.

First up is the grill grippers. TY Bryan for the great pizza contest prize.


Also included was a 16.5" basket splitter.


And the star of the show was a 16.5" grill shaped drip pan/deflector. He wasn't wrong when he told me he would surprise me one day. I am totally excited about this and it will get used on a regular and constant basis.


After all that I was left speechless. I knew the grill grippers were coming but I had no idea about the other items.

KK's and Dennis - the finest kamado, person and company to deal with. I am so glad I went KK instead of a Primo.

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FYI.. that is a double bottomed drip pan! Tap on one side.. can't feel it on the other..


That is completely awesome. I didn't realize that, I just knew it was thick and robust.

The Reefs put it to good use last night. Mrs skreef whipped up a quick small meatloaf. I'll confess the drip pan is so Purdy I lined it with foil - LOL


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Just couldn't resist playing with one to the new toys could you? :party2: You even have a tasty looking meatloaf to boot :hello1:

Absolutely couldn't resist. Mrs skreef made the meatloaf just so we could try it out.

I really hate the idea of drippings going down into the bottom of the KK so I'm sort of a drip pan fanatic. Other than baking there are only a few things I'll cook directly. This drip pan will see a lot of use.

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