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Pressure Cooked Egg, KK Bacon and Toast Breakfast

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Pressured cooked this egg for 2 mins. at high pressure followed by a quick release.

PC Eggin PC.jpg


PC EGG Breakfast.jpg

Cut to show yolk.

PC Egg Yolk.jpg

PC Egg 2 Mins.jpg

I like this much better than boiling a pot of water for the egg. It is sooo much faster. It cooks in the same length of time as the bacon. :)

Tomorrow I may try covering the top of the dish with foil. Stay tuned.;)



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Here you go, a 2 min. high  pressure level cooked egg with quick release and top covered with foil. 

Here it is still in the custard dish-

PC 2 Min Covered Egg.jpg


Runny Yolk.jpg

Breakfast is served.

Yolk PC 2 Min Covered.jpg

How long to pressure cook might vary with the cooker used a little. Tomorrow I'm going to do a covered 2.5 min egg. Once you get it worked out it will be repeatable.

I don't think it will ever be creamy like a sous vide egg but these PC eggs are delicious and fast.



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Maybe I'll try it tomorrow. I think the important part is to use low pressure, level and believe it or not a fast release, followed by a short very cold water dunk. otherwise that egg is going to keep right on cooking. I'll let you know when I do it.;) Unless you do it first.:) 

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Adding to the pressure cooker egg theme-

been doing semi soft/hard boiled eggs in the pressure cooker.

1C water cooker at level 1 for 5 mins. Release steam and run cold water over the egg to stop the cooking and making it possible to handle the egg. The shell almost always has a small crack but no escaping egg.

This is what I get, it really is a beautiful egg.

PC Egg.jpg


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On 11/8/2016 at 10:09 AM, Bruce Pearson said:

Mac  you are the bomb  Love the way you are always experimenting and coming up with  New ideas.  I love pressure cookers  I have three electric, one  stove top, and also a microwave pressure cooker.   Guess I got carried away with pressure cookers lol


Ha!  And I thought I had a problem with too many grills :-D

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