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What? No discounts on KK grills?

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As for sales pricing on KKs, I look at it this way. I truly like the fact you're not going to discount prices a penny. That helps maintain brand value. It also helps me in the long run as every time you raise prices on the KKs that I have, mine become intrinsically more valuable!

In my world, pricing is an inherently efficient means of communicating information about the asset in question and also what the company thinks of that asset. Prices that are stable, i.e. no discount, tells me everything I need to know about the supply and demand curve of the particular asset. In the instant case, supply and demand are in balance and the firm is making money. If prices are constantly discounted, the company does not fully understand its niche dynamics, overestimates demand, produces too many units, and must sell them at a discount to recover capital. Margins suffer and the firm is less than optimally profitable.

All this is a long way of saying that Dennis understands the KKs position in the kamado niche, how that niche is evolving over time, how his specific portion of the niche is playing out, etc. That should give us KK owners a great deal of satisfaction. We made a really intelligent purchase decision and we own assets that will only maintain or appreciate in price over time!

Thanks Dennis for all that uncompromised excellence both in your kamados and your business acumen!

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What? No Discounts?  While we work with many up-market landscape architects, designers, builders,  all KK grills are sold factory direct at basically wholesale to the public. no distributors, dealers, retailers etc.  It’s simply because we don’t have a wholesale to retail margin to discount from, we can’t actually discount the grills themselves. 

We price them at what we need to get, not some inflated price that we slash from.  We only discount grills if a model is being discontinued or an update has made is less desirable.   That being said, I’m always happy/willing to sweeten the deal if it’s a larger or multiple grill order but it won’t be a significant discount or source of revenue for anybody.  
A sweetened deal is usually giving you some CoCo or coffee charcoal.. don't thank me as it's just like the crack dealer giving you your first taste.

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On 9/15/2015 at 2:31 AM, Poochie said:

"but waiting on a sale to purchase a KK will be futile and you will get grey waiting.."


Hey! Most of us are already grey!! Congratulations on selling all those KK's. I'm spreading the word on this end.

We waited as long as we could,,,


But the grey won.


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SmallBBQr, I totally understand your dilemma.  Living in Nova Scotia I had the same problem but I thought life is passing by and I figured I couldn't wait for the dollar to equalize. After deciding to go for it, seeing the product and most importantly tasting the food I am totally happy with the purchase. I liked it so much that last fall I ordered a small one, the  16.5 inch KK for easy winter cooking.

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@SmallBBQr - @MacKenzie makes an excellent point.  The Canuck Buck generally trades at a discount to the Am Buck.  You can't predict the future.  Second, what happens if Dennis raises KK prices?  How does that change your calculus?  

As my dead Dad used to say, "He who hesitates is lost!"

Don't be lost on the way.  Besides, as I remember, Dennis has a financing option for customers.

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SmallBBQr I was unlucky but lucky when I decided to purchase mine my pride and joy motorcycle got stolen and the insurance paid me out what to buy I already has a kj classic and Jr .and loved the style of kamado cooking but was not overly happy with the build quality so I jumped in the deep end sight unseen like most of us and am so glad I did .as far as the U.S. dollar when I went to the states in 2011. I got $1.05c US for my Aussie dollar wow I had a great time but I had never herd of a kamado let alone a KK that would have been the perfect time for me but those days are gone back to 76cents lol.8 grand is a lot of money but what you are getting will last


Outback Kamado Bar and Grill





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