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Smash! Burgers

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Dennis introduced me to the concept of smash burgers while we were discussing what accessories to get.  When he realised I was completely ignorant of the subject he sent me this link: https://www.bonappetit.com/recipe/the-ba-smash-burger

My KKs arrived and I forgot all about smash burgers until, by chance, I came across this short but fabulous post on the forum:

I have now had smash burgers two weekends running and they are great.  Still working on getting those edges super crispy but The Husband and I are happy with the results so far.

Introducing the burgers to the KK.


First batch done


Topped with pan fried foie gras


Second batch topped with bacon and cheese.  In honour of @Aussie Ora's Wagyu fries and Dennis' foie gras fat popcorn, we fried the bacon in the foie gras fat and dribbled some on the buns for good measure.  Yummy!


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1 hour ago, Gloruss said:

Can you do Smash burgers on the pizza stone?

I suppose it is possible but I do not think they'd turn out well at all.. bad sticking and not enough heat transfer to the burgers.. you need a griddle type surface to do smash burgers properly.

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