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tony b

You can't let a little snow storm slow you down!

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Despite it snowing for the last 20 hours, you just gotta bear down and keep on grilling. I was damned and determined to do a rotisserie chicken for dinner tonight, as I had set it out to thaw in the fridge yesterday. Rubbed with kosher salt and baking powder overnight to help dry out the skin. Onto a 325F grill, basket splitter with the fire in the back half, with a chunk of peach wood. Cavity seasoned with Penzey's poultry seasoning, wiped down the skin, oiled with olive oil and seasoned with Harry Soo's Slap Yo Daddy spicy rub, and injected with Seasoning Stix Holiday sticks. Meater+ doing it's job.


Came out pretty good. I ramped up the temp to 400F for the last 20 minutes. Skin was OK, not super crispy. 


Plated with a wild rice mix and steamed broccoli. 


You can't let Winter win!! Release your inner caveman and keep on grilling! 


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We broke above freezing today - HURRAY! So, that meant time to grill out! A nice prime grade sirloin wrapped in bacon.



Sorry for the messy plating pic, but I didn't realize it until too late. Grilled some asparagus and some nice sautéed mushrooms.


No end in sight to this winter weather though. Freezing rain/sleet tonight into tomorrow morning.

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Tony, Mac.sorry you folks are having such miserable weather. I guess it makes the nice weather seem so much better. Living in the Bay Area as I do we grumble and bundle up when the temp gets into the 40’s. I admire that you go ahead and still cook on your KK’s anyway. By the way Tony that dinner looks delicious!



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Yes, I think it was worth the wait to finally get it. I really like the improved range on the MEATER+. 

Sorry, even though the temps are still doing better here, it's been raining all day today and into tonight, eventually turning back to snow by morning, so I'm not going to brave the elements tonight for dinner. Had plans to go out anyway - hockey game tonight. 

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Just back from our trip to Montana.  I soooo wanted try out barbecuing in the cold but couldn't bring myself to spend any more time than necessary outdoors, let alone try to clean up a gas BBQ before I could use it when there was a perfectly good stove indoors.  Hats (and all other items of clothing required) off to you @tony b and all who brave your extreme weather to keep cooking through the winter.  

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