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My first whole hog cook.

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That looks awesome and like such a fun cook!  The only time I am ever jealous of a 32 is when I see a whole hog cook.  Odd question, but it looks like the butcher must have done something to the hog on the back so that it's legs bent way under itself.  Is that standard, or did you tell the butcher how wide the grill was and that's how they butchered it?  I'm wondering if there is a way to get it more folded in half? 

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Thank you everyone. It was a fun cook and a great learning experience. I’ll definitely do it again.  

@shuley  to my knowledge the butcher didn’t do anything special to the hog. I just called and asked if they had one and they said they did. When I placed it on the grill it naturally sat in that position.  I would imagine if you broke some ribs and maybe the spine you could fold it more

@tyrus  it was a 33# hog  

the pooch got an ear and a snout and he loved it !!


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