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Good Evening from Sydling St Nicholas UK

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Hello everyone,

Haven't got, or even ordered a KK yet - I have a similar hurdle to jump as others seem to have had to - or as Dennis has put it to me the "song and dance routine".

I wanted to build a wood-fired oven about 7 years ago but Mrs RokDok was not keen on me using about a square yard of her flower bed, so tried to make a mobile one and once I'd screwed 16 heavy duty castors to an oak sleeper base and built it up to working height I realised that I'd already accounted for 650 kg of my 1.5 tonne weight limit before even starting the dome.

It took two years of negotiation, the refurbishment of two bathrooms and the purchase of a (used) mini cabriolet for me finally to get planning permission.

This must be the most expensive piece of real estate ever.

Four months and a lot of mess and noise later (cutting each firebrick radially vertically and horizontally) I finished the 3.5 tonne oven.

It's great - we use it mainly for pizza, takes an hour and a half to heat up and will stay warm for a day or two but it really only gets used in the summer.It's an event and focus for a gathering.

I've used a 23 " Weber for 25 years now and use it as often as we can- got the hang of putting food on so we have an hour clear so we can to the pub (next door! ) for a couple of beers before eating.

Being a bit loquacious here.. sorry.

A couple of friends have got BGE, and the thought of having something that we could cook outside over winter, and that also was going to increase the range of what could be cooked was appealing so I ordered a Buffalo kamado. 

However it is not in stock and whilst I was trying to explain to Mrs RokDok what it was she had somehow got onto the KK website.

I'm hopelessly hooked.

I do a bit of home-brew and love the Blichmann gear - turn to jelly when I see something beautifully made, well engineered and using the best materials.

I can cancel my Buffalo order easily, the job is to persuade Mrs RokDok of the absolute necessity and life or death importance of getting a KK.

I've spent the day looking at sofas.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with the ones that we bought when we got married 31 years ago apart from a bit of squeaking, a few stains and the odd handful of feathers which appear from them each morning.

Wish me luck.

I'm going down the pub now.

I need a break, it could be fabrics tomorrow.










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You are about to dodge a bullet, cancel that other grill and focus on the KK. You will not regret getting a KK. Not only are they over engineered but the food actually tastes better when cooked on the KK. I've had a ceramic grill and thought it was great until I got the KK. My food tastes so much better, the chickens are much more moist, etc.  I live in Nova Scotia and we do get real winters here and I still use my KK. Actually who wants to cook in the indoor kitchen after tasting KK food, not me that's for sure. Enjoy fabricville. :smt041

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Rokdok it sounds like you have done your penance and it’s time to treat yourself.

My journey from discovery to in investment took 3 years. Once you and mrs RD start discussing colour preferences, the job is done. Besides, a KK will enhance her flower beds

if you have cooked on a Weber for 25 years, you will nail the KK techniques very quickly.

any photos of that giant oven?

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13 hours ago, RokDok said:

whilst I was trying to explain to Mrs RokDok what it was she had somehow got onto the KK website.

Welcome to the UK KK owner's group @RokDok.  I don't think that is premature.  The fact that Mrs RokDok found the KK site is a big bonus.  I see a 32KK in your future.  All that remains is the colour and pebble/tile decision. 

Here, I will go back to waiting for my replacement KKs having sold my first two about a month ago.  Coincidentally The Husband and I are also looking at fabrics and choosing a new sofa.  Have fun, the sofa could well be the gateway drug that gets you your KK.

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Thanks for the welcome,

It's a sofa fabric discussion rather than cover fabric discussion at the moment, although I do think it would be cute to get something to match.

Mackenzie - I have just cancelled the order for the other ceramic oven.

Tekobo - gateway drug - I like that.... fixing up to have a look at some gear at a sofa maker on Wednesday.

I also got my acoustic drum kit together and photographed it and it is going for sale on Gumtree and Reverb in the next day or so, so there will be a bit of cash freed up .

I did cook on the Weber last night and had a couple of beers in the pub next door. Mrs RD was at home watching her favourite comedian on You-Tube - Konstantin Kissin - otherwise known as KK - I'm not usually superstitious but I think this too much of a coincidence.

Basher - the 3.5 T includes the fairly substantial foundation and Portland stone slab base so the oven isn't really that giant. Internal diameter is 3 feet, the walls are one foot thick,  it's about 7 feet long and about 6 ft + high excluding chimney.

As requested a pic (or two)

The first one when I realised that mobile wasn't going to work.








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19 hours ago, RokDok said:

so we can to the pub (next door!

Unbelieveable, a tap room next door, you lucky dog. Well, I can understand your reluctance of parting with the old sofa...after so many years returning from the pub the sofa must have become an inseparable friend. There's some history in that sofa, I'd think this over carefully. The short beams look to be all oak, a rare find indeed. A beautiful pizza oven it is, it deserves center stage....move it at night to the middle of the yard, just for a reaction, you can always move it back later. Best of luck with the new KK, like the color.

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Brilliant idea Tyrus !

The oak isn't screwed into the Portland stone base so should be straight forward enough to pop a piece of blanket under it and pull it into the middle of the lawn.

Mrs RD will be so overjoyed to get the square yard of bed back that she'll probably insist that I get several KKs. 

Is there a collective noun for KKs ?

Maybe a Euphoria of KKs ??

You're right - I have run into trouble on occasion with the pub being so convenient and have had to sleep with the dog at times. Thing is - he wasn't allowed on the sofa , so it was the floor for me and him.



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Thank you for the welcome.

The sofa search is progressing well. (Tekobo : Duresta )

I mentioned to Mrs RD that I had cancelled the order for the Buffalo Komodo grill and received a refund- she replied 'Good the others (meaning KK) are much nicer.'

So, green light in the nicest way.

Busy next few days -nice things- but will be choosing a KK soon - something I want to savour.

I think I know which way I'm (we) are heading but will have a few questions, eg  23" v 32".

Thank you

Very Happy !










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On 9/12/2020 at 6:36 PM, RokDok said:

I can cancel my Buffalo order easily, the job is to persuade Mrs RokDok of the absolute necessity and life or death importance of getting a KK.

Welcome to the UK corner @RokDok. I'm a fellow UK owner and I see that you've met the usual suspects although @tekobois far from usual and on the suspect part, my wife does get suspicious when I chat to @tekobo. We tend to aid and abett each other. We're here for you on the 'life and death' line and I'd think this forum is pretty 'ride-or-die' when it comes to the KK cause. 

If I can help with any questions from a UK centric perspective, feel free to ask away. I moved house* to justify getting a 32KK so I'm going to provide all sorts of sensible answers. I also convinced my wife that we needed two so I'd like to think I have form. To be honest, after the first one, she didn't need convincing of the need for a second.

Impressive looking outdoor oven. I'm looking at a Pavesi Forni but given lockdowns and logistics, have been on the fence as I don't want it sitting in transit for eternity risking damage. 



*slight exaggeration

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