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G'day from Perth

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Hi All,

I joined the KK forum a couple of months ago and felt it was time to say gidday and thanks for all of the fantastic info here.

After doing many many months of bbq research I just contacted Dennis and put down a deposit on a 32BB, matte black with all the accessories. Like most people in Australia I was a standard gasser man (WeberQ) but wanted to take my bbq to another level. Upgrading to a massive stainless steel bbq was not going to give me the flavour or flexibility I was looking for, and they look like a Kenworth bullbar smashing through your wall and visually unappealing. Then I discovered KK. Then I became obsessed - even without owning one!

The 32BB will be shipped to sunny West Australia around April 2023 to be installed in my new home renovation, currently under construction.  I have made room for the 32BB to be pride of place in the outdoor kitchen zone. I took a lot of design queues from the forum so thanks again.

I'll certainly share some pics of the KK when it is finally wheeled into position. Once it's all fired up I would also like to give back to the KK community by sharing some cooking results and recipes, maybe with a uniquely Australian flavour.

cheers, Milton

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Congratulations!  I’m new to the Komodo world and just received my BB32 last month.

On a personal note we hosted an Aussie exchange student for many years.  He attended his senior year in high school and lived with us and we’re home base throughout  college.  He is from Bunbury which I believe is within a couple hours of you.  He is a great kid and we still stay in touch and hope to visit your area soon.  My extended family was headed there but Covid delayed out trip.



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Hi Dirtman, thanks for the Aussie link. My profile pic was taken last week duing a short break 'down south', its the bay in Busselton looking across to the 3-mile jetty, just south of Bunbury. I live quite close to the beautiful beaches of Perth so suffice to say there will be no snow pics of my BB32.

Back in '96 before kids, my wife and I travelled the world and in the USA we bought a small Winnnebago with a 350 Chevy in Arizona. Before we made our way north through the Rockies and up to to Canada, the van salesman invited us to stay a couple of nights at his house in Fountain Hills AZ. When I saw that fountain I understood that Americans just do things bigger than everone else and it justified the 350 Chev in a camper van!

It must be a real thrill to see your BB arrive and do your first cooks. You are most welcome to visit anytime you're in WA.

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