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Everyday Misc Cooking Photos w/ details

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It appears to have been a gorgeous day the way way the sun was shining on your plate. That's how ya do it

I had it marinating in a dry coffee cumin rub for 10 days in vac bag.
Heated up KK to about 300f, put the lamb on the top shelf and cooked it direct. Flipped it once.
Pretty happy with the thickness variation of this cut. Could have tied it, but the wife like medium to well, and I prefer the medium rare. We had pieces of each.
Had spuds on the main grate underneath getting all oiled up, and lemons for the last 40 mins around the edges.
Rested on a bed of chopped kale, spinach and basil.
Yes it was a cracking day, clear and 91f. Having a never ending summer this year.

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We’ll being sort of locked up these days I decided to spend the day cooking. While the KK was not included in this cook I thought I would still share with the forum. I was speaking with my 90 year old Uncle and he shared with me a simple salsa recipe his mom used to make when he was a kid. Being the proud owner of a pig like Mocajete I decided to make the fresh Salsa like Grandma...Simply a roasted  tomato, garlic, banana pepper, green onion, cilantro and salt. Next up was a kettle of home made pork with Mole tamales....probably about 100 of these and in the final pic a plated traditional Mexican fare.......Tamales, Frijoles y arroz!







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