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Everyday Misc Cooking Photos w/ details

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Sunday night; shrimp taco night. Moderate conditions compared to Tony's who is just a few hours north. Nonetheless, we persisted.

Shrimp on the KK


In process: Chipotle aioli, cheese, sour cream, cabbage, pico de gallo, cilantro, and yes, shrimp.


All dressed up and ready to go


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Quick dinner last night. Suya pepper pork cutlets, direct, lower grate at 350F.


Plated with some curry rice and roasted chickpeas & cherry tomatoes with a dollop of Bomba (Calabrian chiles, eggplant, green olives and artichokes.) Indian garlic naan on the side. Washed down with one of my favorite beers - Hopslam from Bells. Unfortunately, it only comes out once/year and sells quickly. 


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As I type this it’s 55 degrees at 7:40pm, feels like I haven’t cooked on the KK in forever so today I fired it up and did some chicken breast that I’ll use for quesadillas and chicken lettuce wraps the next two days, but I’ve been hungry all week so felt like some good read meat

fortunately I just got a bunch of new rubs and spices that the venerable @tony brecimmeded to me so tonight I grilled a tri-tip indirect over coco char rubbed with Oakwood Santa Maria rub, over mesquite wood chips, served with slow baked sweet potatoe and Greek yogurt (quickly becoming my go to baked potato), along with seasons first corn on the cob, which could’ve been cooked longer and probably grown longer. Served with my favorite Fred’s Horseradish sauce

also @Tyrus decided to break my dry streak for 2021 and have a nice glass of red wine tonight which was lovely.

Meat turned out great, enough medium +/well done pieces for the misses and medium/- for me. Top it off with my friends Umphrey’s McGee doing a livestream concert sitting outside, capped off in the hot tub. Lovely evening 











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16 minutes ago, MacKenzie said:

Troble, I realize you are new on the forum but you are not that new that you can post fresh corn on the cob until Tony and I can do the same, which is not until late July or Aug. :smt077 :smt077  :smt041

I’m over a year old now! Havent I earned my stripes?

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Like @MacKenzie said, penalty points can be assigned for posting those corn on the cob pics this early in the year. I just snowblowed 5.5" of yesterday's snow off my driveway this morning and we're about to get slammed by the Polar Vortex for the next week (single digit highs and below zero lows). So, tread lightly my friend, with those outdoor pics and "complaining" about 55F weather! :evil4:

Nice job on the tri-tip. Hope you liked the Santa Maria rub.

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For the record @tony b I very much enjoyed the rub thank you. Trying out the pork injection Sunday for my pulled pork.sandwiches. I used the slap yo daddy rub on that as well. I’ve never purchased it prior but always used his substitute recipe for the rub and followed this recipe for the pork butt.
http://slapyodaddybbq.com/images/06 Culinary Artistry/Slap Yo Daddy Pork Bone-In Pork Butt.pdf


I mixed the injection today and used a To-go stainless steel coffee mug to hold the liquid while I used the injector. Worked well


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Left over KK rib on bone that my son cooked on the KK.
Green peppercorn gravy, a little bacon, garlic, onion.
Very rich between the beef and the cream.
This was a slight error where I had left home after lighting the KK and my son who knew he was cooking steak, grabbed the bag of rib on bone rather than the thinner sirloin that would have been easier for him to cook.
Anyway, although they were a little rare for my wife, they were pretty good.... and even better second time around.

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Very cold weather coming in for the next 10 days. Decided to use last night's moderate temperature (1°C) to cook up this tri-tip. Santa Maria seasoning over duck fat. 



Plated with salad, roasted baby potatoes and baguette. Accompanied by 2007 Chappellet Cabernet Sauvignon. I left it on the KK16 a couple of minutes too long, but it was still tasty.


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Ya'll are killin' me with these great cooks! It's too dangerous outside to even attempt a short cook here. Right now we're at the high for the day and it's MINUS 3F, with a windchill of -13F. You can get frostbite in the time it takes to set up the KK for a cook. Going to stay this cold for the next week +. 

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@tony b this ones for you buddy. First beer of 2021, my favorite Tony Gwynn .394 Pale Ale, pulled pork sandwiches with slap yo daddy rub, Butcher BBQ pork injection, finished in the broiler with siracha, apple juice spritz and dusted with brown sugar. Served on Hawaiian roll

Kids helped me with the guacamole so only got a few after shots 

finishing it off with Dutch Apple Crumb pie & French vanilla ice cream 





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