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Everyday Misc Cooking Photos w/ details

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FINALLY got around to doing the Al Pastor cook with the goodies provided by @Troble (Thanks!). Made the marinade yesterday - best advice - WEAR GLOVES!! Not because of the chilies, but because the annatto paste will stain badly. My t-shirt looks like a crime scene afterwards! 

Getting started - carved up the pineapple and getting ready to stack the meat on the skewer.



All stacked up and headed for the KK.


On the KK with smoker pot of hickory and cherry wood chunks. Target temp was 325F but I started out at 250F just to get some extra smoke on it.


3 hours in, I started carving and spritzing with the pineapple/orange juice. I also put on the corn.


Plated up with all the fixin's - cilantro, cotija cheese, red onion, fresh pineapple, green salsa. The sides - corn and some drunken beans (pintos in chipotle in adobo sauce with tequila!) And Yes, the tortillas were store bought - don't expect this boy to be making masa for homemade tortillas anytime in this century! 


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@Troble - it came out well. Will be eating leftovers for days though - LOL! This was a small one - 4 lb boneless pork shoulder, but still a lot of meat! I only used half the marinade, so I put up the rest in the freezer for another day. Thinking I want to try it on porkchops next?

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I've been quiet for a while as I've been so busy with work and then summer decided to turn up in the UK and the garden has taken over.

Anyway, I've been tuning in, getting hungry and admiring some of the cooks. Al Pastor is definitely on the to do list. 🙂

I did a Boston Butt yesterday while I planted 600 hedge plants. I'm amazed I could lift a fork after that work (despite having a micro digger) but working in the miasma of BBQ which kept drifting across the garden reminded me that good things come to those who lift heavy weights. 😁

Ran the 32KK on 160 for about 6.5h using the Fireboard. Final internal temp was a little higher, think I must have pulled the probe a little early. Served with slaw made with apple, celeriac, fennel - a Steven Reichlan classic. 






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Greek Night last night. In true traditional style, started off with the Greek salad and some rakia (apple brandy) in the gazebo. Beautiful afternoon for eating outside.



Made my own mashup seasoning for the ground sirloin. Onto skewers on the main grate, 325F, cherry wood chunks. I briefly thought about using the vertical skewer, but this was only a 1/2 lb of meat, so it seemed too small a quantity to try it. I liked this so much though that I might try it on the vertical skewer with more meat and use thinly sliced beef instead of coarse ground. 


Plated with the pita bread, tzatziki sauce, cherry tomatoes and nice Rose wine. 


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