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Now the real journey begins... My KK story

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So I've been on the forum for a few months now and posted a couple of sous vide cooks while I found out about KK's. I've lived the last 10 years in apartments with no outdoor space for a BBQ or grill so it's been a long wait...

But now the wait really begins as my family and I have relocated to Singapore and I managed to bag myself a rental property with plenty of garden.

The reason I'm choosing a KK is honestly because of this forum. The internet is full of hate but here I have found sanctuary with a group of passionate food enthusiasts who have a mutual respect for each other and a love of fine craftsmanship when it comes to cooking tools. Dennis has made this possible by not compromising in the creation of these beautiful cookers.

After speaking with Dennis many times and at length about everything, I've pulled the trigger and sent payment for a cobalt blue 32... (Name to be decided once we meet!!). Many a great chat with Dennis on all things, not just grills! It's great to do business with great people!

I chose the 32 as I have the space in the garden and it gives me the most flexibility. The main day to day use will be searing sous vide meats and grilling veggies for small family dinners (only 3 of us) so it may seem like overkill. But actually the 32 is perfect for this: the basket splitter forces air through the coals so it should be very efficient for short hot cooks.

I plan to have family and friends visiting regularly so that's where the 32 will come in to its own: burgers for 10 people? No problem. 3 turkeys and a ham for Christmas? You got it! 60lbs Pulled pork for for an office party? Sure thing! 32 lbs whole hog for big celebration? I've seen it done on this forum!

Plus the way I thought about it was that it's not how I'm using it now, it's how I will use it for the rest of my life that matters: this thing will out live me I'm sure!

So, the order is placed and the money is transferred... Now the waiting game!!

I'll update this topic as things progress so hopefully those on the fence can get a feel for what it's all about.

And of course I'll post photos along the way, including the all important first cook!!

Oliver, in Singapore. Soon to be the proud owner of a Cobalt Blue 32 😄

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That is totally awesome. Is there one in stock ready to ship at the factory or does he have to make it? Should be interesting to see how long it takes to deliver.

Charles - Prometheus 16.5", Cassiopeia 19" TT

They have the tiles in and a bare 32 but Dennis needs to check with the factory to get a timeline for the steel etc... So not ready to go yet.

Luckily I'm in Singapore so shipping is super quick! (Unlike Bosco's KK's epic quest!!)

Oliver, in Singapore. Soon to be the proud owner of a Cobalt Blue 32 😄

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you have been a very informed buyer since I have been on this forum.  You're decision is sound and I believe you made an excellent choice!!


Congrats and I couldn't agree more about this online community... a great group and Dennis has been wonderful to deal with!!


I believe once you're grill is complete you are looking at a very quick shipping approx 3 days to Singapore!!!  My epic journey is almost complete and I know once I have them that it will be well worth the wait!!!


Congrats again, can't wait to see you cooking!

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Thanks everyone! I feel like a kid before Christmas!

I have contractors starting in the rental house to fit my indoor and outdoor kitchens and a dining area to go next to the KK, as it's not my own place it'll be very bare bones and nothing like MacKenzie's winter wonderland kitchen!

I'll share some before shots... Word of warning: it needs work and TLC!

The front:


The back (an awning and outdoor kitchen/dining room will go here and yes, I know it's ugly!):


The kitchen... Thankfully my contractor is amazing, it should look good when it is done!


And all the hard work is for the two most important people in my life who are waiting back in Shanghai to come and join me when the house becomes a home:




In Singapore. Soon to be the proud owner of a Cobalt Blue 32 😄

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The cobalt blue is such a beautiful color. I was on the fence about it or the bronze. When your setup is all finished, you'll have so much enjoyment cooking every chance you get and spending quality time with your lovely mate and that cute little rascal! Good times are in your future. Congratulations.

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