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One year update on 22" Komodo

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My Komodo, Bolo, a 22” work of art, is now right at a year old. Having used this smoker/griller for that long, I’d like to give an update on performance and durability. 


    First of all, I haven’t had a single issue with it.  Dennis upgraded the rotisserie motor bracket a while back and that was a wonderful addition. Every single thing about this Komodo makes it as much of a joy to use as it was the day I received it.  I’ve owned every single type of cooker there is from offset smokers to crappy electric smokers. Hands down, my Komodo is the simply the best in every single category. 


    My criteria for a great outside cooker is that the food taste like good old fashion BBQ. That was my first pleasant surprise with the Komodo. The food taste like real BBQ and the moisture content is preserved. I can light this thing and once my vents are set (which I know by heart for achieving certain temperatures) you put the meat on and it’s on automatic pilot. No fire poking, no adding more smoke wood, no nothing. I’ve left it and gone grocery shopping without a care that the fire will go out or temperatures will rise out the roof.  Probe ports, built in rotisserie, beautiful tiles, and heavy duty everything all add up to a perfect cooking device. 


   So to sum it up, not only are the Komodos beautiful, they’re extremely functional. I use mine a minimum of 3 times a week and love it more each time.  The topper is the experience with Dennis making it all so easy to acquire one and him being a real human being to deal with.  I look forward to many more years of pleasure cooking on my Komodo.

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