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Rib Cookoff -- KK vs. Insulated Cabinet

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28 minutes ago, 5698k said:

You can always try some different coal to get a smokier profile. (Obviously). This does two things. First it shows how easy it is to cook on a KK. Second, it shows how little flavor the coco char imparts into the flavor. Time to get more wood chunks and experiment!

Go ahead and get the second grill and save yourself the agony.


The weekend low and slows were to prove to myself and my wife that we don't need the cabinet. She was shocked I was considering selling it, but now we're both ready for that step. Next KK will happen, but TBD on which one. 

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32" is your next grill and I am guessing you will be looking at an end of September purchase.  You may even see an audible here and go with a second 23", but you have been considering the 22" that is on sale as an alternative.  

I guessed the first one, and I think that I am correct on this one too. 

You are super impressed with the KK, you are looking to sell your old smokers now and you will need the extra space

I can only say this... the 23 and 32 is a wonderful combo

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Yes halfsmoke i do think the 32 is in your future ..now that i cooked on my 23 i too am considering the 32 but not for awhile i almost have to agree with bosco it for sure is a nice combo 

The kk is so easy to cook on i would of never believed it till i had it of course you know this already

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