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Comparison between the KK21" and KK23"

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All good.  I can confirm that my baking stones fit just fine in both KKs with no need for any metal work.  AND I have got them the right way round this time :cool:

Seeing some slow roasted lamb in my near term future, need to get the 21 looking a little less pristine!


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On 12/23/2017 at 10:18 AM, tekobo said:

  The first big cook is on New Year's Eve for 50-70 people depending on who turns up. I think a low and slow on the 21" and grilling on the 23" may be the way to go.

50-70 people........THAT is a first big cook!!!!!!  My hat is off to you :smt023

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Ha ha.  Yes, I would notice.  And yes, you would be very welcome.  I imagine successful parties have lots in common with establishing a cult.  We are always happy to draw new people in and the "regulars" feel more appreciated when others are drawn into the circle.  What fun we will have.  So far I am settled on sausages, chicken thighs and drumsticks on the 23 and either lamb shoulder or leg on the 21.  Shoulder makes more sense because it will be more forgiving if I get the temps/timing wrong.  Also wondering about a cod in a cazuela for those who don't eat meat.  I should be set on a menu by Saturday and I promise to share some pics.  Happy Holidays. :-P

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I bought a load of pork ribs at our farmer's market today and thought I would try out a comparison between my KKs for rib cooking capacity.

21" Main Grate Only - 4 slabs


23" Main Grate Only - 5 slabs


21" Main and Top Grate - 6 slabs


23" Main and Top Grate - at least 7 slabs, I ran out of ribs!


Size of rib racks for scale





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22 hours ago, Tyrus said:

Almost twins.

Yeah, the surface area available to you is definitely different but for things like ribs or whole chickens I think the difference between the two is not so great.  I am definitely in the space where I would say that if you want a good entry to the KK range and can't stretch to a 23" then you should have no regrets with the 21".  The real game changer for me is in having two KKs and I am still really grateful for the advice that got me to this combination.  

19 hours ago, Bruce Pearson said:

I’m with you Mac! Tekobo can I come over for that cook:) I’ll bring the wine lol

Ha ha.  You keep threatening to come over.  My door is always open and you would both be very welcome.  Now put your money where your mouth is and get on that plane!

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23 minutes ago, Bruce Pearson said:

Tekobo I haven’t been to England since 1966. I have a story about a couple that I met while I was in Las Vegas who lived in England to long to narrate here ,if I ever get to England it will be a Nice topic of conversation over a glass of wine LOL

Wow, 1966!  I think you will find that things have changed a bit since then!  

It's a deal.  Sounds like it's a story that will need at least a bottle, or two.  Will start laying in supplies.   

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