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Comparison between the KK21" and KK23"

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My new friends arrived yesterday and I couldn't be happier.  This is a short picture story to introduce you to them and give you a feel for the differences between the 23 Ultimate and the new 21 Supreme.  First, I have to cede to Dennis and refer you to his photos and announcement here:


Here is a picture of the two of them installed at our home in England.  They are looking pretty and our "ODK" will get a lick of paint or tiles in the summer to provide a more suitable setting.  


Here is a shot to show off the 21's manly shoulders


And the 23's rounded belly by comparison


The main grates don't look too different to each other in terms of surface area


But the baking stones do!


I've left the heat deflectors in their packaging for the moment because so few of you seem to use them!


And here is a comparison between the fire baskets and the drip pans


And finally, the view that I am so lucky to have just outside my door


I will post any additional differences as I find them.  Do ask if there are any photos you would like or things that you want to know about them.  




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Hi @Bruce Pearson, no criteria yet for choosing between them.  I like how the KKs retain heat so I am wondering how to plan things so that I start with a grilled meal then finish with a casserole cook for use another day.  Either would work for that.  I will be rigging up one of the BBQs with the DigiQ and the rotisserie is for the 23" so those decisions will also affect my choice.  The first big cook is on New Year's Eve for 50-70 people depending on who turns up. I think a low and slow on the 21" and grilling on the 23" may be the way to go.

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44 minutes ago, DennisLinkletter said:

PS your upper grate and stone are sitting backwards here.. The grate should match the shape of the grill when installed.

Ah, pretty obvious now I look at it.  I was just "dressing" the KK for its photo shoot, should have paid more attention.  :-D

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Thanks all.  I am having a great time playing with my new toys. In response to [mention=3098]Grant[/mention]'s question, yes the 21" has a lower, main and upper grate. 
I wondered if the 23" baking stone would fit on the main grate in the 21".  It doesn't.
You could use the handle on a hammer and bend back the left handle .but wait till its no longer shiny lol

Outback kamado Bar and Grill

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