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My KK, Konro and Binchotan

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At last! My konro grill arrived on Friday.  It took me by surprise as I'd been sent some tracking data for UPS that didn't work and, by the time I got around to checking it out with the seller, the DHL man was at my door with an enormous, heavy box.   Why was it so big?  Well that is @Syzygies's fault.  He was the one who turned me on to binchotan charcoal.  Long before my KK arrived I figured I couldn't afford the real deal and so I bought these binchotan briquettes for a fraction of the price.  


I never used them in the KK because they seemed like such a precious resource and I instead waited until I could buy a konro grill so I could use them in small amounts.  When I came to order the grill from the US it turned out that both the grill and the binchotan were so much cheaper in the US that it was worth ordering both, even with the additional UK duty and tax.  Hence my super heavy delivery yesterday.  Here are the beauties.


Binchotan is notoriously difficult to light.  I didn't have a chimney so I lit a fire in my KK21 and put the binchotan in there to get hot.  Here are are the hot coals in my pristine konro grill


My prawn stuffed chicken wings started to sizzle pretty much immediately.  Yum!!  I stood out in the cold, turning and basting every couple of minutes.


I have to do something about my ODK arrangements.  Nothing like @MacKenzie's custom set up!!


Best of all, the KK came in very handy at the end of the cook.  I was able to put the left over binchotan in the KK23, shut the lid and preserve these pieces for my next cook.


 I think binchotan actually works out to be very economical given it doesn't burn away very fast, is super hot and can be re-used.  All good.  Slightly wonky plated shot but very tasty nonetheless.




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4 hours ago, MacKenzie said:

Great way to put out the binchotan. Didn't I read you could also put it in a bucket of water?

Yeah, the KK came in very handy.   I had read about putting the binchotan out in water but you also have to dry it out before using it again and I am not so sure about that as the weather gets colder.  Also, I wasn't ready for super heated water :cherry::cherry:

3 hours ago, ckreef said:

You're going to love that grill. It's just plain fun to cook on.

I already love this grill.  It is fun having that active, and very instant, interaction between your food and the fire.  

3 hours ago, Bruce Pearson said:

Prawn stuffed chicken looks and sounds delicious.

It was great Bruce.  It is a Chinese recipe and the wings are normally deep fried. I guess I can claim that this is the healthy option. :smt033

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17 hours ago, Tyrus said:

Red Sox smashin the end of the World Series now, betting season is almost upon us for the other intangibles. Keep an open mind.

I will do.  The football season has been fun so far.  Things getting to the serious stage now.  Next few weeks should give us a better idea about who is who and how I should bet in order to win some rub off you.  :smt096

On 10/28/2018 at 7:20 PM, tony b said:

HURRAY! But -- I'm totally shocked that your first cook wasn't Suya Pepper skewers!?!

Patience young grasshopper, patience. 

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More binchotan cooking this weekend.  Such a clean, pure burn. 

Here is the binchotan, brought up to operating temperature in the KK.


New, safer transport mechanism - a cheap camping pot.


 Some super simple indoor cooking on the konro.  Squid and sea bass.  Cooking small quantities indoors in the winter is so convenient.  And my carbon monoxide monitor sat by quietly, confirming that we were safe.



And here is the remaining binchotan.  Saved for the next cook by putting the lid on my camping pot.  Binchotan is not cheap but it is good value, I promise!


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32 minutes ago, MacKenzie said:

Looks like a fun and tasty cook. You've got that nicely organized. At my first glance I thought,  chicken breasts. :smt046 

Ha ha.  All the things you love Mac.  Fish and squid. Should have thrown in a photo of the sea urchin that we started with to complete the set!

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5 minutes ago, Pequod said:

Good idea with the CI pot. What size is that pot? 4 quart?

Turns out it is 9 quarts.  I picked it based on diameter - needed to be able to lay the logs flat in the pot.  Here is the amazon.co.uk link:

Voilamart Cast Iron Dutch Oven 8.5ltr/9QT Pre-Seasoned Outdoor Cooking Pot Campfire Cookware with Lid Lifter and Bail Handle
Learn more: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07FP51NTN/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_U_SwAtCb8R7GJM7

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