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@Basher good for you mate. Was wondering why I hadn’t seen any cooks from you. Glass of wine, rainforest & a good book sounds lovely. I’ve never heard of that guy but I trust your recommendations. What’s he all about?

btw how did all those Christmas lobsters turn out? I’m no longer making lobsters as they are sending them to China again for $45/lb. I scored those first few weeks of the season fur $16-$20/lb but alas they are gone for now

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Troble we had too much food on Xmas day so the cray tails remain frozen for another day.
I baked a ham while also slow cooking some lamb ribs in the KK and had 3kg of local tiger prawns.
Ended up with some friends over on Boxing Day to clean up the leftovers.
This book caters to a wide range of food. Basically about getting lost in your kitchen with local produce curing, fermenting, baking, brewing, cooking.
Here is another book I will work through these holidays.
It’s 500 pages showing different cuts from different countries from wild game to farmed animals and encourages less meat but of higher quality.
After reading these, you can expect me to come back with a few new cooks to share.
Here is a page you may find interesting.
I wonder if this aspect of Spanish charcuterie translated across to South America? We definitely have more Italian influence here.

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My wife and I are down here for the first time in 2 years (no kids!). So next few days I’ll be posting our eating journey. Love this place it’s magical 

started with lunch today at Salve Asador de Campestre 

aguachiles, ceviche, tuna rolled tacos and grilled octopus. 100 degrees outside so good food/weather 










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Really awesome pics of a great B&B/winery.  I love those smaller, quaint destination spots.  Nice looking couple enjoying themselves….without kids no less.  I remember those days.  Enjoy the visit and the eats.  The grilled octopus looks awesome, by the way.  

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