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Hi from Denmark

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Hi to everyone on the forum.

Finally ready to join this proud forum and “obsession” 

I am happy to seeing light at the end of a tunnel, which has been lit by a lot of lurking, countless visits to the komodokamado.com website, a friend actually buying a Komodo Kamado (because I presented it to him) and in the mean time for sure also a lot of food made on my Primo and Big Green Eggs. 

My son once said: “today is tomorrow yesterday”
You need to do something for yourself once in a while and the boat is docked, taxes payed and the final trip for my Big Bad blue should  happen next week. 

I am looking forward to the unpacking installation, feeling and startup of this new machine. It will only be new once, but with the food I have been presented from it it’s ok to be broken in, I am certain I will get my hands dirty to make some hopefully good food on it.






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Welcome to the club. I'm guessing you've ordered a cobalt blue? Pebble or tile? We have to get the important stuff out of the way first! Your experience with the Primo and BGE will be valuable for using the KK, but get ready to up your game X10. We love pictures and welcome any questions you may have along the way. Looking forward to seeing the unpacking photos!

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Cobolt Blue Pebble it is, and I have no doubt Pebbles is the best.

It will be like Christmas evening just a little early so I need to take it slowly when unpacking to enjoy also that part of the experience.

Timing wise it’s a little bad as I won’t be home the first weekend it’s here. But hopefully I can lit it before the weekend and do a full meal on it. 

I am still in doubt if I have to do a burn in before really tinkering too much with it or if it can wait for a while. I have bought a cover so it should be well protected.

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Congratulations on the best combo....cobalt blue pebble...just like the one I'm waiting on.  You can cook on it before the burn it...just keep it under 450 or so. But even if you do the burn it at the normal 550, you can still put some meat on it. All the venting and smells are on the outside. 

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Finally, it happened, i Got it unpackaged with the help of 2 good friends. 1 had tried it before, which took away most of the stress having a double pallet to cope with. 

I had to let it wait over the weekend to get it fired up this Sunday. It’s really a breeze to work with.

Started with nothing fancy, buns baked at reasonable low 180c and then turned it down to 110c to make some fajitas out of flank steak for some Mexican dish.

It was moist and temperature regulation was really stable.

Not many pictures as it’s typical rain these days. We managed to take one when meat eventually was put on the first time. 







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@Cheesehead_Griller it roll really easy even on my natural Sandstone tiles. 
And the unloading down the ramp were easy. I am very certain that you will be happy with any Komodo kamado and will learn to appreciate the craftsmanship and decor.

@Trobleand @MacKenzie thanks, I am really thrilled with it and I think the blue matches well with the other natural colours. Now I just need some more time to tinker with it. I don’t think it will become cold next weekend.

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