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Everyday Misc Cooking Photos w/ details

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It might be hot but never too hot for a hot rib dinner. ;)



I boiled the potatoes first then rubbed with butter and sprinkled on some granulated garlic, Zanzibar Pepper, Egyptian Basil and Silk Chili. Next I put them in the airfryer at 350F for about 12 mins.



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Bruce, I've been gardening forever, started when I was just a little girl helping my grandparents. Being the favourite grandchild has it's benefits and I learned an alwful lot from my mother's parents. They'd pick me up from school on Fri. afternoon and I'd spend the weekend with them. The had a big orchard, tons of flowers and lots of veggies. I used to sit up in the cherry trees in particular and stuff my face with sour cherries while I was picking enough for my grandmother to make a cherry pie or jam. I'd do the same with the apple trees. Loved it. :smt060

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4 hours ago, tony b said:

Nice looking rib dinner, MacKenzie! I'll have to try that potato trick with the air fryer. 

That was my first try and I used those Little Creamer Potatoes. I might try a higher temp. next time just to get them a little more crispy or maybe longer in the airfryer. I think I'd like them on my breakfast plate too. :)

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