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Everyday Misc Cooking Photos w/ details

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We had a nice break in the weather this weekend - highs in the 50s! Just a teaser for Spring though, more cold and snow on the way this week. Took advantage and grill up a nice steak dinner. A nice piece of pichana, rubbed with a mix of coffee/chile based rubs, direct on the lower grate with chunks of mesquite and post oak. 


Simple baked potato, sautéed mushrooms & shallots, with a nice side salad. 


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Went to Costco yesterday to get a pork belly  that I want to turn into bacon. It is in the cure as I type and will get smoked  on the KK next week. :-D While there found some pork tenderloin so made a new to me recipe - Pork Marbella. It has prunes, olives, garlic, and capers.



The goodies are added and it is ready for the oven.


Just look at that moisture.




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One of the pork tenderloins went to make breakfast meat slices. Partially freeze the pork tenderloin and get a nice sharp knife, eh Bruce, and slice the loin very thin. Sprinkle with coriander, cumin, light brown sugar and pepper all in equal proportions 1/2t/lb. I divide it up into serving sizes and freeze. It's a breeze to cook in the morning only take a few seconds.

Here it is sliced and ready for spices and dividing.


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Rack of lamb,
Paprika, cumin, chilli, salt rub
Seared fat side down on KK.
Cleaned out the shed cos it’s now demolished and found some home grown cherry branches that were pruned 2 years ago.
Took it to 65c( 150f) which is kinda half pregnant- not enough to render the fat and the meat beyond rare.
I have sooooo much lamb in my cold room and other racks so this was an experiment.
Still, very tasty. The smoke and spices were delish, Very moist.
Now I’m really torn between taking this to a pulled lamb state, or trimming some fat and cooking rare!
Maybe trim the fillet off, slow cook the ribs, then throw the fillet back in at the very end at high heat and keep it rare?
Friday will be another lamb leg on the spit.

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I keep wondering why Americans don’t eat more lamb. Now I know. It’s because [mention=3378]Basher[/mention] is hoarding it.

There’s plenty to go around pequod.
You could start the revolution to bring the American people back to lamb. It really is the tastiest of the red meats.

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Nice cook on the lamb Basher and Lamb is one of my favorites to cook. Did you ever marinate your lamb in Balsamic vinegar for say for maybe a day ( just a cheap brand will do ) and cook it up. Makes great sandwiches. It changes the complexion of the meat and gives it a nice tang, only saying because you have a ton of it.  Since I first posted prior , I was bitten by the basher bug and had to run to the market for some lamb and this is what was available. In a bag with the Balsamic (the cheap stuff) with one Pablamo, an aged Habernero half strength, 5 cloves chopped garlic, 1 bay leaf and a dousing of herbs de provence. Out to the rear deck to marinate. You see in New England the back deck in winter is fashionably referred to as the frig. Will pop this on the KK tomorrow to rotisserize. 



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