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16.5" Spring Adjustment

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Since getting my 16.5" KK earlier this year my hinge spring has slowly relaxed a bit so I wanted to adjust it.

Here is the hinge and spring cover.



I had Mrs skreef hold the dome open about 3/4's the way. Using a 5mm ball end Allen wrench I loosened the 2 bolts about one turn.

Once the two inner bolts were loose I was able to remove the back spring cover.


Here is the top of the spring. Note the two bolts that I had loosened.

Untitled 14xxxx.jpg

Here is the bottom of the spring. At the bottom of the picture you can see the 2 pins that hold the bottom of the spring cover. In the middle of the picture is the bolt going up through the bottom of the spring.

Open the dome, then using the supplied wrench tighten that bolt until you achieve the desired adjustment. Check adjustment frequently as you're tightening the bolt. I tightened my bolt  1 turn..
Check each turn.. caution maximum 2-3 turns.  (it can snap your hinge)


Although I didn't adjust it for full auto opening, I adjusted it tight enough so you can let go of the dome at any time and it will sit right where you let it go at. No smashed fingers with this kamado.

Untitled 14xxxxsdd.jpg

Untitled 14xxxxx.jpg

This was a very simple procedure and took me longer to take the pictures then to do the actual adjustment. Once adjusted replace the spring cover and snug down the two upper bolts. This procedure should be basically the same regardless of the size of your KK.

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Nice photo explanation, Thanks

By the way, from the pictures I can see that you are missing the safety pin on the bolt that fixes the lid to the hinge.

Good catch in the pictures. Yes I am missing it and yes that will be remedied soon. Can't remember why I took it out and now can't find it. I'll grab one next time I go to the hardware store. Had forgot all about it until I was behind there doing the adjustment. It had barely moved the whole time it was out. Edited by ckreef
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I had to adjust my spring last night and your guide here - and more importantly, your in-person demo - made it a quick and easy process! Takes about 8 minutes.

The hardest part is getting the cover back on with the washers in the right place. Those little buggers keep wanting to dance around while you are putting the cover back on.




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you are cooking on a 32.  I find when the grill gets hot sometimes it doesn't stay up.  Just turn it a 1/4 turn at a time so you know where it stays up without over tightening the spring.  

If you have any questions you have my number and I will walk you through it buddy.

We still need to meet up so I can give you your cover

Over time all Springs loosen up and will need a slight adjustment every now and then. Nature of the beast.


If it changes with temp you are not quite adjusted right - close but not there yet.

Reef's Bistro

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Really helpful post @ckreef.  I adjusted the springs on both of my KKs today and I am looking forward to the lid opening and stopping just where I want it.  Hurrah!

Some notes for people like me who don't use tools much or do this sort of thing very often:

1.  Take heed of Dennis' advice and use the long T allen key for this job if you have a larger KK.  I had stored the key separate from the rest of my KK spares and thought I needed to use a small key like @ckreef.   Suffice to say, much fun ensued with me dropping the first small key down the back of the cover and then tying a string to the second to avoid a repeat.  :x

2.  To get the lid to rise more slowly, turn the wrench clockwise.

3.  If your ground is uneven it is a good idea to move your KK into its final position to check that you have the lid opening as you would like before you replace the back cover. 

4.  I chose not to use any tools to tighten the bolts when I replaced the back cover.  I figured that finger tight is good enough and will make it easier to loosen the bolts when I next want to do the job.

Given this post is intended to be helpful please correct me if I have said anything that would lead others astray.   

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2 hours ago, Bruce Pearson said:

The ladies on this site are amazing,not only are they wonderful chefs but can also repair stuff as needed how cool is that

Tee hee.  I think we all do other things that are a lot scarier than dropping allen keys down the back of KKs.  :-o   This forum is a great place to share our experience of Dennis' engineering and our appreciation of our very special toys.  

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5 hours ago, ckreef said:

@tekobo good supplemental post. I did have to LOL on #1. I didn't do that but could see it happening, "Oh Shit!!" - LOL

Do you know, I was so mad that swearing wasn't good enough when I heard the key drop.  I don't think the neighbours knew what to make of my wailing...

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