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Lamb chops at it's best on the KK

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Where did you find those chops? Not used to seeing them with that much bone and fat left on - even on lollipops. 

18 hours ago, dozer996 said:

I need to try some lamb chops, never had them before

I almost cried reading this. Lamb chops are one of the best things on the planet to eat - seriously! March right out now and get some for this weekend! Big tip - don't cook them past med-rare. Lamb gets chewy if overcooked. 

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It was great, along with fresh biscuits or English muffins and espresso it all made the day go well!  If I was not off to work I kicked back with drip coffee and chilled by the fire.  I was building my own home while living in the construction at the same time I was building homes for others several miles away.  Here is what I ended up making.  The lamb came from the neighboring ranch.





Previous Home_2.jpg

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I roasted some lamb chops today for my mom. Her 90th bday is tomorrow it’s a 3 hour drive so I cooked them ahead. Using indirect heat at 250, rubbed with salt and pepper. I put them on the fire after finishing a brisket. The lamb is for Mom but the rest of us will eat the brisket. They came as a 4 rib roast but I cut them in to 4 chops to get more smoke on them. Penny and I sampled one, it was luscious! Lamb on the KK is one of our favorites. Oddly, I used HEB Hardwood briquettes instead of lump, for both the brisket and the lamb. With a few big chunks of coffee wood. Yeah, I still have some of that left.

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