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I'm in Thailand having surgery..

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I have a 90º fracture in my 7th rib that is sticking up about and inch and a half.  Been trying to live with it since last Oct but needs to be corrected. I've opted to just remove it rather than try to fix it.. Probably will not be online this week as much as usual.

Am scheduled to fly home to Bali on the 8th..

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Was released from the hospital today.. Only hurts if I laugh, cough or I'm guessing sneeze.

My wife was pleased the rib did not turn into a young lady named Eve..

Good news is I've been given the green light for shipping the extruded CoCo Char..

We have about 4 tons made and are working overtime to get a container out asap.

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Hi Dennis.  I hope your trip home today goes smoothly.  Good luck with the recovery.  I have found that the first 72hrs, when you are still high on the stuff the docs pump into you, feel great.  Give in to the crash when it comes!

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